ZeroAvia Awarded Government Funding Through Two Additional Grants

On January 27, 2021, clean aviation company ZeroAvia announced receiving two government grants. These two grants will provide an additional £1.2M in funds. These additional funds will be used to improve low-carbon aviation and research new hydrogen fuel cell technology. These two programs seek to further green technologies in aviation.

The Project HEART programme focuses on hydrogen-electric transportation. ZeroAvia will work with them to help develop green-hydrogen infrastructure and aircraft for its airline partner Loganair. The differences in how hydrogen-electric airplanes work also make developing new maintenance regimens.

Project STATE aims to set up a green aviation test centre. ZeroAvia will provide flight testing in what will be the UK’s first low-carbon aviation centre. According to, the test center will provide important data for continuing to develop greener aviation systems. The project plans to set up this centre in Orkney, Scotland.

ZeroAvia has previously delivered the world’s first six-seat hydrogen-electric aircraft, the HyFlyer I. The additional funding follows a £12.3m UK Government grant. This funding combined will also provide the R&D team the necessary fund to build a bigger aircraft. The HyFlyer II project will develop an aircraft that can carry up to 19 passengers using a hydrogen-electric powertrain. Both of these aircraft use zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell technology.

As a leader in clean, zero-emission aviation, the company is on track for commercial operations in 2023. The founder and CEO of ZeroAvia Val Miftakhov remarked that working with these initiatives will show zero-emission aviation is appealing from both a commercial and engineering standpoint.

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