McKenna's Tips For A Hybrid Workforce

For attorney Robert L. McKenna III, who founded the California-based law firm of Kjar, McKenna & Stockalper, he was already ahead of the game as he recognized early on that remote working could be a plus for employers and employees.

His blueprint was already underway in moving from the drawing board to the actual remote.

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It was evident that employees could get their jobs done without a declination in work product or productivity.

There were many benefits in moving to a cloud base legal practice as it only enhanced and upgraded security and accessible flexibility while diminishing the old need for physical files and server storage space.

Robert L Mckeena admits although things were ” a go” the implementation had its initial hiccups and that is why he is willing to share five tips for making the best of a hybrid workforce in the pandemic aftermath.


  1. Seize the opportunity to have flexibility as some businesses simply cannot function with a hybrid model because of the nature of the business but for others, it is vital to let go of the traditional body in the office.
  2. The savings alone in office furniture and such are worth it.
  1. Simply sick to a designated work space as this will set boundaries and separate work from personal.
  1. Ensure that hospitable and healthy work habits are practiced for video meetings and other business-related voice calls, etc.
  2. Make good use of the mute button and the camera being off when necessary.
  1. Map out and plan the work day as setting daily objectives and goals will help in being productive.
  2. Have that checklist of what needs to be done before lunch and after.
  1. Boundaries must be set to enjoy a work/life balance that is harmonious and those boundaries must be kept.
  2. Firmly establish the on-the-clock and off-the-clock schedule.

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