Eric Lefkofsky´s Newest Venture, Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky, a Chicago-based entrepreneur and founder of Tempus, has been in the news lately for being one of the most successful entrepreneurs in recent years. His latest venture is a medical company that helps people live better lives by improving their health and wellness through prevention and treatment methods. Eric Lefkofsky founded Tempus in 2015, and its headquarters are located in the Merchandise Mart. Tempus is a mobile-health company that helps fight chronic diseases such as hypertension.


They also apply technology to fight obesity, and diabetes by offering solutions to help people manage their health via technology and data. Tempus’ primary goal is to change care for the better and offer people personalized medicine and treatment options. For example, Eric Lefkofsky notes, if a patient has high blood pressure, Tempus will pull together all of the medications they have been prescribed over time so their doctor can get a full picture of how to treat them best. 


The company also introduced an app called What’s Up Doc, which uses clinical decision support tools to enable physicians to identify patients with hypertension at risk for cardiovascular disease who might benefit from additional interventions, including medication changes. Tempus is a potential game-changer (Wsj).

Currently, many health care companies are not as focused on people’s wellness as they could be because the healthcare industry lacks incentives for preventative care and spends too much time focusing on treatment, Eric Lefkofsky points out. Tempus’ technology and data can help physicians offer more personalized and effective treatment options to their patients. By helping doctors identify patients at risk for complications, such as heart disease or stroke, Tempus creates better outcomes for these people.

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