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SeaWorld: The Truth Behind the Excitement

Two million visitors come each year to enjoy the wonders of our marine world. Our world-renowned marine life parks and aquariums not only offer incredible wildlife encounters and unforgettable family vacation memories. The Orlando-based theme park is not only committed to education and ocean conservation but has also protected the health of Florida’s marine life. In addition to its conservation efforts, the company supports research programs at the Florida Museum of Natural History and the Smithsonian Institute. See more on Instagram for more info.

In 1968, less than one percent of ocean waters were protected by national or state parks, wildlife refuges, or sanctuaries. Today, thanks to support from many conservation organizations, those numbers have increased to more than 20 percent, and many species are at the threshold of recovery. The threats facing sea life today — human activities such as pollution, overfishing, and climate change, among others — demand that we continue to do everything in our power to support marine life and their habitats, including the potential addition of marine reserves to help mitigate climate change and ocean acidification.

SeaWorld is committed to safeguarding the health of the world’s ocean ecosystems by encouraging responsible ocean stewardship. Currently, SeaWorld’s animal rescue and rehabilitation team are focused on working with partner organizations to build more robust and diverse marine protected areas around the world. Some of these sites include the Parcel B Estuary in Florida, Rosemont National Park in Australia and Klaten Forest Reserve in Indonesia. The Marine Mammal Rescue Program at SeaWorld San Diego is one of the leading rescue, rehabilitation and release programs for stranded sea mammals.

SeaWorld is committed to taking steps to protect marine animals and the environment and the many species around the world. To learn more about how SeaWorld works to protect our oceans and the sea creatures that live there visit While the focus of the American Association for the Advancement of Science meetings is on science, it is very important that SeaWorld emphasizes what animals need to survive.