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Beneful’s Premium Dog Food Offers Customers More Control

Dog food brands are going premium and with good reason. The market for premium foods for dogs have been exploding with increased interest in providing pets with higher quality dog foods with the goal of keeping them happy and healthy and more productive members of the family. The market for premium dog foods has increased by approximately 45% in the past six years and now makes up practically a third of the entire industry which grosses about $24 billion in revenue each year. Brands are struggling to identify themselves with this premium dog food market. One brand that is struggling with this is Beneful, owned by Nestle as part of its PurinaStore line. Beneful has long provided products to dog owners that are high quality and nutritious and have done so at affordable prices. Since their product has always been a premium product, albeit without premium pricing, they are now trying to provide some new higher value services to dog owners. A new revolutionary ordering system seems to be their focus now with which dog owners can order small batches of food that thy specially design for their dogs on their own. Like people, some dogs are finicky eaters and having foods that they enjoy help to keep them happy and healthy. Dog owners can create custom blends for their dogs that appeal to them with Beneful’s new premium dog food ordering service and make sure that their pets are happy with their food. Dogs come in all different shapes and sizes and dog food cans have traditionally only come in one size fits all. This dog food size may be perfect for the average dog but may lead to overeating for smaller dogs, thus contributing to being overweight and leading to other health problems. Special small batch blends can lead to dogs receiving the proper amount of food for their individual size and can therefore lead to healthier dogs. Finally, small batch foods can be designed without many additives that may be leading to allergic reactions for dogs and can contribute to their experiencing health reactions. Beneful’s new service is therefore a groundbreaking opportunity for dog owners to monitor the diet and ultimately health of their dogs in a way that allows them to exercise better overall control. This is truly a premium service that lets dog owners have healthier and happier pets.