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The MAGFAST Charger Impresses


The “MAGFAST Family” isn’t a new sitcom coming your way. The family consists of six different wireless, magnetic chargers designed to lend charging help in different situations. Co-founder and CEO of the MAGFAST company, Seymour Segnit, worked with his team to bring these innovative new chargers to the market. So far, the response appears excellent.

The MAGFAST Charger first hit the scene via a crowdfunding campaign that raised hundreds of thousands of dollars on day one. Things looked good for Seymour Segnit and his company. The former Saatchi & Saatchi employee explored options for launching a business, and MAGFAST is the result.

Even though he did not do well with a prior startup, Segnit trudged ahead with the MAGFAST concept. Today, many consumers are happy that he came up with the idea and released the product.

Offering six different chargers expands the pool of potential customers. The LifeCharger provides a portable solution for people who want to take their chargers everywhere. The LifeCharger Extreme comes with a massive amount of power. Customers can even attach jumper cables to them to start up a car. The AirCharger delivers a great-looking charging stand. Yes, much thought went into the development of these chargers.

Seymour Segnit makes a great point about his products. They don’t come with two problems traditional cables possess. Standard charging cables create messy tangles and are not built to last. The cheap construction of the cables means they wear out sooner than later. Their final destination is a landfill, and their environmental impact isn’t positive. A wireless option cuts out these problems. View Related Info Here.

Segnit emphasizes the fact high-quality manufacturing goes into the product of MAGFAST chargers. Since they aren’t “cheaply made,” they won’t wear out as quickly as low-priced convenience store-bought chargers. Plus, the MAGFAST Family products look cool, too. Read This Article for more information.




Seymour Segnit Builds Up The MAGFAST Company


The MAGFAST company name is gaining greater recognition in the tech world. Consumers find the products offered under the MAGFAST Family of chargers to be valuable and innovative. The name comes from a fusion of “magnetic” and “fast.” Founder Seymour Segnit discovered that chargers capable of connecting with magnets could have decorative value. The combination of magnets and wireless charging also cuts down on clutter.

And the “fast” part is not to be overlooked. The company offers six chargers capable of powering up various device batteries without taking too much time. No wonder Seymour Segnit can say MAGFAST veered into profit territory not long after its initial founding. When a product gives people a great deal of what they want, then the product is likely going to move in the market. Find More Information Here.

He came up with the MAGFAST charger idea when trying to organize his new home in New York better. Many entrepreneurs come up with ideas based on asking themselves, “How could I make life easier?” MAGFAST chargers offer improvements on traditional chargers that do make things less bothersome for smartphone, tablet, and other device users. Who wants all those tangled charging cables on the coffee table?

Seymour Segnit also looked at the top technology companies for inspiration. He noticed that these companies rarely offered a single product. Instead, suites of products and services were available. Likely, the decision to come up with six different unique chargers stemmed from seeing interest in suites. Looking at companies such as Apple and Microsoft for inspiration isn’t a bad idea.

MAGFAST might be a small business, but the company quickly established a global presence. Seymour Segnit mentions he engages in team meetings regularly. The team members are located in several countries. MAGFAST continues to grow and may surprise people at how soon it becomes a global player in electronics accessories industry. Read This Article for related information.


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Seymour Segnit Reveals Opinions About Marketing


Failure shouldn’t be anything more than a learning experience that includes a minor setback. Seymour Segnit didn’t succeed with his first crowdfunding-based business. Things started out well, and then the company ran out of money. His second endeavor, MAGFAST, turned out to be a hit. The company raised hundreds of thousands of dollars on its first day of fundraising. Segnit revealed the company is doing well. Currently, there are six chargers available in the wireless MAGFAST Family.

What is Seymour Segnit working on right now? He handles many tasks associated with running MAGFAST since he is the Chief Executive Officer. Marketing, however, remains at the top of his priority list virtually every day. He suggests that a savvy entrepreneur should spend roughly 80% of his or her time on marketing. Go Here to learn more.

Segnit is currently researching processes for micro-geolocation. Seymour Segnit wants market research that provides any and all details possible about potential clients. Segnit even takes information regarding the specific buildings clients may be located thoughtfully.

Seymour Segnit’s rationale for marketing isn’t too complicated to comprehend. He feels that raising awareness about a product makes sales more likely. A customer won’t purchase something he/she never heard of. Not everyone is skilled at marketing, but a lack of skill should not become an excuse to hide behind. Seymour Segnit suggests outsourcing marketing work if you aren’t good at it.

The products available under the MAGFAST Family banner do provide much of value. The wireless chargers cut out the need for cables and their subsequent tangles — the magnets in the chargers open doors for creative-looking connections. View More Information Here.

The key to marketing is getting information about the value to the customers. Solely stressing information about the product isn’t always the way to go. Marketing that focuses on a products ability to make people feel good can resonate. Seymour Segnit appreciates the “feel good” approach.


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