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Passion For Wine Drives Traveling Vineyard Guides

There is a reason that everybody loves wine. This incredibly complex libation has been perfected over hundreds of years. The grapes that make up your favorite wines are also incredibly complex in sugars and flavors. When fermented, these grapes really shine through to make an incredibly layered experience that starts with the look of the wine and ends with an explosion of flavor.

If you have a similar passion for wine then you may well be suited to become a wine guide for Traveling Vineyard. Being a wine guide for Traveling Vineyard allows you to share your passion for wine while making money. You also get to make incredibly large social circles while setting your own schedule.

All you have to do is host a party. The party can take place at your house or somebody else’s house. When everybody has arrived, you begin your wine tutorial. You already know to start with the lightest wines, progressing from white wine to the deepest red. You get to educate the party on each tasting with the same passion that you have for the wines that you drink.

After the wine tasting is over, you are free to mingle. All you need to do is leave wine ordering information with all the attendees. This information has a specific signature that tells Traveling Vineyard that you are responsible for the wine sold. Traveling Vineyard then cut you a check for commissions on those sales. And every time somebody goes back to order more wines, you make more money.

Passion for wine is really the key to doing well at this job. They say that love is an ingredient in cooking, winemaking and art. When somebody loves what they do, their product tastes or feels better. It is exactly the same for being a wine guide for Traveling Vineyard. Your love of wine will really shine through in order to drive up more sales. Your love of wine will also turn on the tastebuds of your guests. Your party’s guests Will have a deeper appreciation for wine due to your passion. There is no replacement for passion.

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