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FBI Profiler Dr. Venus Nicolino

Venus Nicolino, Ph.D., is a highly sought-after relationship expert and FBI profiler who has appeared on numerous national television shows. These, including Fox News, The Doctors, and Dr. Phil. Dr. Venus Nicolino is a relationship expert with over 20 years of experience helping couples achieve lasting happiness. She is the author of two books: How to Survive Your Husband’s Affairs and It’s My House, I’ll Cry If I Want To. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at her bio.


Dr. Nicolino was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She earned her undergraduate degree from Fordham University and her doctorate in clinical psychology from Pace University. After working as an FBI profiler for several years, she decided to focus on her true passion: helping people improve their relationships. Dr. Venus Nicolino is now a regular guest on The Doctors, where she provides expert advice on a variety of topics related to relationships and psychology. 


She is also the host of her own radio show, Venus on Air, which airs weekly on SiriusXM. She shares her top tips for making your relationship work. Here are a few of the topics she covers (Amazon).


– Talk to each other regularly about your wants and needs


– Be honest with each other about your feelings


Make time for each other, even when you’re busy. Dr. Venus Nicolino recalls how this point can be the key to success for any kind of relationship.


– Support each other through tough times


– Celebrate your successes together


Venus Nicolino also runs a website, Dr. Nicolino. Here, one can find a wealth of resources, including articles, podcasts, and her online course, “The Venus Method”. You can also follow Clinical Psychologist and family therapist Dr. Venus Nicolino on Twitter @DrVenusNicolino.