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Joey Feste has endeavored to build his company around Christian ideals

KM Capital Management Sustainable Partner Joey Feste has managed his customers for thirty years in Austin, Texas. He received his University of Texas’s Bachelor of Arts in Economics. After his studies in 1987, he started working as a certified Investment Advisor Representative at Rotan Mosley, now Paine Webber. When he joined Morgan Stanley, he maintained his work as an investment advisor.

Joey Feste managed funds for a few individuals during his tenure with Morgan Stanley. Many services were -provided for his customer, but he felt constrained in Morgan Stanley’s main structure. So Joey Feste started KM Capital Management in 2004 by himself. The firm concentrates on its customers’ objectives and requirements to develop a tailored financial plan to provide a healthy economic environment for their life.

He works continually to perfect his company. Joey Feste often makes sure it’s -implemented when someone gets a suggestion that can better serve the customers. He seeks to make his processes so smooth and efficient that it is easy to conduct business with his customers. Joey Feste typically wants customers to be active in their lives and economically prosperous.

Joey Feste has sought to establish his business on solid Christian ideals and has also worked outside. Joey Feste works in the Men at the Cross, a ministry that empowers other men to service. Joey Feste also supports Gathering of Men, an organization that aids men and women in building relationships with family and community. Joey Feste also works extensively with The Joseph Storehouse, which supports the poor.

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