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Why PSI Pay Matters in The World of Finance

PSI Pay is a digital wallet that can be used to carry all manner of transactions without any problems such as having to make contact and so on. The main advantage that comes with the use of mobile wallet services such as PSI Pay is that one doesn’t have to carry cash with them, which will definitely improve their security.


Surprisingly, fraud hasn’t really affected the world of contactless payment contrary to its initial speculation. And this explains why most Europeans are turning to PSI Pay and its ilk for their services.


Services Offered by PSI Pay

PSI Pay has one goal – to make sure that both individuals and companies have the smoothest, fastest and safest transactions from just about any place in the world. To date, they boast of their services covering up to 44 different currencies and in well over 170 countries.


And judging by how things are looking up, this number is bound to increase with the coming financial years. Some of the services esteemed customers enjoy from PSI Pay include card issuing i.e. virtual cards, MasterCard and so on. The card issuing process was officially kick-started back in 2014 and to date, it has been a major success!


Other specialized PSI Pay services may include reporting, approvals, audits, AML mandates as well as all FCA required activities. Therefore, if you or your company are in need of any of their above services, the best move would be contacting PSI Pay as soon as possible because they’ll definitely have you covered!


The PSI Pay and Kerv Merger

In recent news, PSI Pay and Kerv, a plausible giant in the world of alternative payment, hinted at a possible merger which came out to be true. This incredible merger would enable the global market to enjoy the very first contactless payment ring, which would indeed make the world a better, convenient place if its advantages are anything to go by.


This merger would enable a number of things including auto top-up services, bank transfers, debit or credit transactions as well as PayPal or manual loading – depending on whatever floats the client’s boat.