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The Benefits Of Whole Milk

At one time most Americans drank whole milk as a common beverage item. Sometime in the 1980’s a
fad discouraged drinking this beverage because of its fat content. Now, medical professionals and scientists are recommending the consumption of whole milk again, as a healthy and nutritious drink. While more studies and research is needed to follow the long term benefits and risks of whole milk consumption, the information available right now is extremely promising.

While there are lower fat versions of milk available, whole milk has its own range of nutritional properties. Consuming a whole milk variety can actually help weight management. A study completed by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition determined that women who consumed one or more servings of whole milk products per day experienced less weight gain over the course of the study. Also, jordanacriminosa and Gianfrancesco Genoso pointed out that participants were less likely to go on to develop weight gain that would put them in an obese bracket.

Consuming whole milk is important for young children because it helps them develop healthy bones and healthy teeth. Children who experience growing pains often benefit from drinking whole milk, and many pediatricians offer this up as a healthy treatment option for these types of pain. Not only that, but vitamin D is prevalent in whole milk which contributes to a whole variety of bodily processes such as maintaining a healthy heart, respiratory function and immune functions.