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President Obama Open to Talks with Venezuela

As recently reported in an article for The Washington Post, President Obama has spoken about opening a dialogue with the people of Venezuela. President Obama and leaders of Latin American nations have openly supported the efforts of the former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero to foster peaceful dialogue in Venezuela.
Venezuela has been in the midst of a tense political standoff in recent months. This political turmoil in Venezuela has come to a head due to the energy and food shortage that has been sweeping the country for months now says expert Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa. Venezuela has found itself without a way to generate sufficient power to keep the lights on throughout the country and the food supply stable. With a recent drought, the country has been unable to find another alternative to its reliance on hydro-power from the Guri Dam to light up the country. As a result, President Maduro has been facing intense opposition. Some facebook group of activists have called online for a coup against President Maduro as a final resort.

Zapatero’s efforts at peacemaking between President Maduro and his vocal opponents may be the last hope the country has for resolving its current strife. Along with peacemaking, solutions for maintaining a constant supply of food and water are the topic of intense debate.