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Becoming Vegetarian Involves Widespread Controversy; Here are 10 Common Ideas

For whatever reason, many people try going vegetarian during the summer, possibly because the dishes aren’t as heavy as meat dishes. But if you have been a vegetarian, you will hear certain comments constantly from the rest of the population.

10 common things that vegetarians hear everyday, and they have to learn to live with it – A piece by Dr. Daniel Amen

1. Going out to restaurants is difficult, but when vegetarians are more selective they are loyal to the ones they like.
2. There are more vegans and vegetarians now than there have ever been.
3. People choose to be a vegetarian both for health reasons and because of the killing of animals.
4. “Other people” are always asking, “What about the protein?” Seriously, there is more protein in broccoli than in a piece of chicken.
5. “So, all you can eat is fish?” No.
6. Vegetarians eat only side dishes. Not true; Spaghetti Bolognese is a great dish.
7. Many are vegetarian because the meat industry has no concern for the animals.
8. Many people think that becoming a vegetarian would be too boring, but actually, vegetarians use a larger variety of fruits, vegetables and other foods than most meat-eaters.
9. Vegetarians do not wear Hemp.
10. Before you judge, try having a meat-free day once a week. It will be good for your health and the environment.