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André Des Rochers According to The Hollywood Reporter

André Des Rochers, who is the Beverly Hills and New York-based entertainment and sports lawyer, has been making headlines as of late. His firm, GDRFirm, focuses on all areas of entertainment law, from music to film to commercial litigation. But his keen sense for taking risks with innovative business strategies has also led to a successful gambling app.


This, in Las Vegas, is called Granderson Des Rochers. This app connects gaming enthusiasts with casino partners and provides gamblers access to the latest games in real time. André Des Rochers’ work can be seen in Variety magazine, where he is mentioned for his role in negotiating Bobby Brown’s “Bobby” fragrance deal with Coty Inc.


This was reported on by Screendaily earlier this year. In the Variety article, the media and sports lawyer was interviewed about his recent success in negotiating deals that have led to successful business ventures for his clients. André Des Rochers has also made headlines for his role in the case regarding Michael Granderson’s $40 million defamation lawsuit against Fox News. 


Granderson sued Fox News after they called him a drug dealer and attempted to get him arrested by the police. In his successful negotiations with the media organizations, the successful lawyer was able to get a settlement in the amount of $250,000 USD. André Des Rochers is the lawyer who successfully handled all the procedure and case deals.
The settlement was reported on by, which stated that the amount of the settlement was not revealed to the public because of a confidentiality agreement. This work has also led to Granderson Des Rochers and André Des Rochers being included in The Hollywood Reporter’s 40 under 40 awards for 2015. The award is given to those involved in entertainment law and reporting on major events or happenings in Hollywood.