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Happy Joe’s by Joseph Pasquarella

Did you know that Happy Joe’s Pizza & Ice Cream Parlor offers a delicious menu of both pizzas and ice cream? It is the perfect location for tasty food and a fantastic dessert. They offer so much more than that, though. With their helpful staff and a great environment, it will be hard for you not to have a pleasant experience at Happy Joe’s.


About Happy Joe’s

Happy Joe’s Pizza & Ice Cream Parlor is a family-owned business that has been around since early 1972. Joseph Pasquarella founded the store. He opened up his first location in Philadelphia, and it quickly evolved into a take-out pizza joint, ice cream parlor, and more. The business has expanded over the years to include several locations.


These new locations are spread around the Greater Jersey area, including Pennsylvania and New York. The Happy Joe’s you see today is a great one, though. It has a large selection of pizzas and ice cream for you to enjoy, as well as several different flavors. It has also been around for years and was recently voted number 18 in the “Best Pizza in the Garden State” poll. 
This is fantastic to see from any business since it proves their outstanding popularity. With that many years under their belt, it means Happy Joe’s is doing something right. When you step into Happy Joe’s, you will know immediately that they are more than just a pizza place. They have got an entire menu of things for you to enjoy. It ranges from their pizzas to salads, sandwiches, and more.