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Eric Lefkofksy and Tempus ONE

A leading Chicago precision medical research firm has opened a new state-of-the-art genomic research lab in Durham, South Carolina. Tempus said the 52,000-square-foot facility will be a part of Durham’s Research Triangle Park (RTP) in a recently issued press release. Tempus founder and CEO Eric Lefkofsky said the Durham location is his company’s third lab. It joins the existing CAP-accredited lab in Atlanta and the company facility in Chicago.


Kimberly Yeatts is vice president of lab operations for Tempus. She said her firm has grown considerably since it was founded in 2015. That includes a significant expansion in the diagnostics testing space, Eric Lefkofsky replies. Currently, Kimberly Yeatts said the addition of the Durham lab will go a long way toward bolstering the physical infrastructure of the company. Furthermore, Yeatts praised the Research Triangle Park as an entity “that has been very supportive of health tech businesses like ours.” She called the RTP community “dynamic.”


Eric Lefkofsky’s ability to grow Tempus in its range of medical functions as well as attract extraordinary financial backing has captured the attention of industry observers worldwide. After just five years of operation, the company is valued at $5 billion. Underhis leadership, Tempus has amassed one of the largest libraries of clinical and molecular data globally. Better yet, Eric Lefkofsky explains, Tempus has developed an operating system that makes all that data useful and highly accessible to working physicians and other researchers. Thousands of doctors, especially in the field of oncology, seek genomic sequencing data from Tempus on a daily basis.


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Eric Lefkosky Heightened Growth in the Healthcare Industry

Through our walk in our activities, each day’s blessing can easily influence the destinies we take. Though Eric Lefkofsky ventured into his business while in college, he was genuinely changed for the best when he ventured his heart to help with his mindedness of cancer patients. Being a risk-taker and believing in himself, he launched Tempus. According to Eric Lefkofsky, the company was highly compacted with the modern skills and other temperaments that he had learned before in other of his companies. As the company CEO, Eric Lefkofsky takes tremendous responsibility with fewer worries knowing that cancer patients can always find comfort at his company. 


The company has been at the frontline in providing cancer care to the patients. with rallied support, successful businessman Eric Lefkofsky has supported the local communities with donors and love and the courage always to push on. He has gladly also held other aspects, especially in his heart for the communities, especially on education, among others. Eric Lefkofsky and his wife co-run their family foundation that has continually grown over time. Their initiative has been maintained in the community to accommodate the most vulnerable people entering society. 


They have notably aided children to grow better in education and helped women through domestic violence challenges. The initiative has received overwhelming support around other partnerships that help boost the support needed in the communities. He also partakes in other responsibilities, including his position at the Children’s memorial hospital, among others. Most people have learned to appreciate good deeds done by exceptional people, so Eric Lefkofsky has received a board member position at the World Business Chicago. He also takes his humble demeanor through his acting capacity as an adjunct professor. He takes feelings of pride as a husband and father.


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