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Taco Bell Calls Out McDonald’s Breakfast Menu, Possibly Inciting a Breakfast Battle

Taco Bell entered the breakfast game in 2014 with seemingly outlandish offerings. The waffle taco and mini cruchwrap filled with hash browns, eggs, bacon, and cheese have been competing side by side, literally in most cases, with McDonald’s. While I cannot say what percentage of business Taco Bell and stolen from the famous burger chain there has been most definitely a dip in morning sales. McDonald’s breakfast menu has pretty much been the same, well, since forever. Biscuit with meat, egg, with or without cheese. Greasy goodness to many. The younger generation prefers something with a little more variety of flavors and options and, thus, Taco Bell stepped in and stepped up their game. It isn’t just breakfast burritos and tacos, they also teamed up with Cinnabon to offer delicious little doughnut balls and coffee products. That is pretty tough to compete with. Bruce Karatz is aware that Taco Bell has just released two online videos promoting their breakfast menu, one of which shamelessly puts down the Egg McMuffin and compares it to a dictatorship or communism. The question is how will McDonald’s respond?