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How TigerSwan is Working for Its Clients

 When it comes to feeling protected, there is nothing better than making use of TigerSwan, which is a private security company based out of North Carolina. The company has been in business for several years and works with individuals, celebrities, government agents and companies wanting to travel or be provided the security that they need. TigerSwan offers many different security measures, along with their mobile app that helps you to stay connected no matter where you are in the world. This is why so many people have chosen to utilize this company and are happy with what it has been able to give to them.

Whether you are traveling abroad or know that you need help with some type of business venture, TigerSwan is there to help in ways that you would not be able to do on your own. This is why so many have chosen to make use of this as their own viable option and are thrilled with what it can do for them. They are able to make use of a company that has provided them with the risk management options that they need for a price that is incredibly affordable and easy on virtually every type of budget. This is one of the main reasons for considering making use of TigerSwan and knowing that they are going to work for you in a way that is beneficial and affordable.

The owner of the TigerSwan company is James Reese, who has years of experience within the military. After retiring as a Lt. Colonel, he began to develop the company as a way to offer risk management for his clients. He has the experience, knowledge and dedication to offer you the care that you need in a way that is going to help in more ways than just one. You can easily find out more about TigerSwan by going to the site itself to learn more about what the company can do for you. You will love what TigerSwan is doing for their clients and how easy it is going to be to use the company’s services.

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Peter Harris: Overseeing the Success of CBL Insurance Corp

Peter Harris is a finance expert and entrepreneur. He worked as a Chief Executive Officer and the Managing Director of CBL Insurance Corp. The company deals with reinsurance services. It provides income protection, brokerage services, property deposit and rental guarantee bonds, and underwriting. CBL Insurance Corporation offers its services worldwide. The company has its headquarters in Auckland, New Zealand. Mr. Harris led a global team into providing specialty insurance and reinsurance that was based on financial risk and credit in the constructing, building, and contracting industries.

Peter Harris strongly believes that establishing quality partnerships is vital to the growth of any business in the global marketplace. He is responsible for the growth of CBL Corp into an internationally recognized company. Harris grew the company from two staff members in Auckland to over 550 workers in twenty-five countries. CBL Corp became the largest New-Zealand owned insurance firm in terms of annual GWP under his leadership.

He also steered CBL Insurance Corp through its IPO listing on the NZX and ASX. In 1996, he took part in the company’s buyout and still maintained quality relationships with experienced, internationally recognized manufacturers and distributors. Harris oversaw the increment in growth and global acquisitions in CBL while serving as the company’s International Business Director from 1996 to 2007.

Background Information

Peter Harris worked with CBL Corp for twenty-two years. Before working with CBL, he started his career as a Manufacturing Executive and as a banker. In 1989, Harris moved to the finance sector and served as a Finance Director and Shareholder at Boston Marks Group Limited. Afterward, he moved to General Capital Ltd, where he served as the Chief Executive Officer from 1992 to 1996. Harris is an “Authorized Person” with the Central Bank of Ireland and the United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority.

Peter Harris was brought up in Auckland, New Zealand. Harris has attended a number of schools from Wintec-Waikato Institute of Technology to Manukau Institute of Technology, where he studied Chartered Accountancy. He also went to AGSM @ UNSW Business School. Later, Peter Harris studied Marketing at Auckland University. He attended the Australian Graduate School of Management in Sydney for his post-graduate education.

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Sujit Choudry Collaborates on Constitutional Transitional Manual

Sujit Choudry has recently added a new item to his long resume of accomplishments. He has collaborated with fellow legal scholar George Anderson on a new volume entitled “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions.”

The volume has already been hailed as a major work on the subject. Although the work is bound to prove controversial in some quarters, the scholarship and exegetical prowess that Sujit Choudry and his collaborator have shown is beyond reproach.

The book is especially relevant in the modern political climate of constitutional crisis and regime change. Nations such as Chad, Libya, Myanmar, Yemen, and others have proven themselves to be highly vulnerable on both counts.

Sujit Choudry and George Anderson have attempted to explain within the space of a single volume the various constitutional crises that can lead to a major conflict. In such nations, territory is often secondary to political or tribal affiliation.

The book will prove to be excellent reading for people who are interested in the breakdown of these nations along such line. It provides a careful and highly detailed exploration of how constitutional law can heal such factional divisions.

Sujit Choudry has received high praise from experts in the field. His latest volume is another milestone in a career that is already one of the most illustrious in Canadian legal history.

Sujit Choudry has long been a renowned expert on Canadian law and Constitutional issues. During his days as a student of law, he earned degrees from the Universities of Oxford, Toronto, and Harvard. He then served in the capacity of Law Clerk to Chief Justice Antonio Lamer of the Supreme Court of Canada.

Sujit Choudry was called to the Bar of Ontario in 2001. He spent nearly two decades in the position of constitutional law scholar. In this capacity, he served fruitful terms at the Universities of Toronto, NYU, and UC Berkeley.

As a recognized expert on Canadian law and its Constitution, Sujit Choudry is in a unique position to educate both legal scholars and interested layman. His latest editing project will go a long way toward achieving this noble end.

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Bhanu Choudhrie Discusses His Successes And The Importance Of Time Off

As the Founder of C&C Alpha Group, Bhanu Choudhrie has helped to shed new light on emerging markets throughout the Philippines and India, while also creating and developing positive financial trajectories for startups, as well as, established companies. Since launching the international private equity firm in 2001, the renowned entrepreneur, and philanthropist has continued his trailblazing efforts across the financial plane, dabbling in various sectors, including hospitality, real estate, healthcare, and banking, while creating a diverse portfolio for C&C Alpha Group. Over the course of his career, he has participated in a number of philanthropic efforts and received a myriad of awards and honors.

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Bhanu Choudhrie attended Boston University where he studied International Business and Marketing, and after completing his undergraduate studies, he was accepted to the Harvard Business School’s Owner Management Program. Once Mr. Choudhrie’s collegiate career came to an end, he decided to build upon the entrepreneurial foundation laid by his family in India during the 1970s. This decision resulted in the formation of the C&C Alpha Group, which he viewed as a natural progression to the family business. In addition to heading C&C Alpha Group, Bhanu Choudhrie is also a member of the Board of Directors with Customers Bancorp and was previously a board member with Atlantic Coast Financial Corporation.

Despite his strict work schedule which generally consists of a 12 hour day, Bhanu Choudhrie also stresses the importance of taking time away from his many business endeavors. Taking time away from the office allows him the time to exercise his creative mind, bringing forth new ideas that can potentially elevate the company. He also enjoys physical exercise, in particular, boxing, as well as leisurely reading – each of which plays a significant role in his ability to remain productive amidst the volatility of the financial markets.

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Tim Ioannides and His Quest For Better Medical Dermatology

Dr. Tim Ioannides is a well-known dermatologist in Florida. He opened his Treasure Coast Dermatology practice so that he could educate and treat people in the area dealing with serious skin-related issues such as skin cancer. He has five locations throughout the Indian River, Martin and Port St. Lucie Counties. He has worked as a dermatologist for 16 years after graduating from the University of Miami. He also completed his internship at the University of Florida before continuing back to Miami to complete his residency at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

How Tim Ioannides Got His First Treasure Coast Dermatology Patient

Before opening his practice, Ioannides worked as a dermatologist at another dermatological practice for many years. He quickly became a patient favorite and knew some of his patients would visit his new office when it opened. While working for the established dermatology practice, he was tasked with fulfilling more cosmetic appointments for patients than medical ones. This is how many dermatologists make a large portion of their earnings.

When Dr. Tim Ioannides opened Treasure Coast Dermatology, he vowed to focus more on the medical side of his field. He wanted to help people learn how to identify serious and deadly skin conditions and learn ways to protect themselves. When he first opened his doors, many of the patients he treated at the other practice started making appointments at Treasure Coast Dermatology.

Making Ends Meet

Tim Ioannides was realistic about the costs and risks associated with opening a medical practice. To get a good start financially, Dr. Ioannides accepted patients wanting to address cosmetic skin-related concerns. These appointments often pay more and get more patients through the doors. In time, Ioannides was able to phase those services out of his business and focus completely on the medical side of dermatology. This is where Tim’s passion lies in the field. He sees every patient himself and follows up often.

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About The Distinguished TJ Maloney of Lincolnshire

TJ Maloney is the CEO and chairman of the Lincolnshire Company that is well-known globally. The firm deals with private equity with its primary focus on investing and acquiring industries in the middle-market. TJ Maloney joined the TJ Maloney joined the organization in 1993. His academic background is BA from Boston College plus, and he went to law school in Fordham where he earned a J.D. Further, he has experience in security, acquisitions and merger laws that he practiced in New York

Before working at Lincolnshire, TJ Maloney served as the Chairman at the Boston College Wall Street Council.

Additionally, he was on the trustees’ board in Fordham Law School and Boston College. He disseminated information to students at Columbia University on the MBA program. Due to his outstanding work, he received the Richard J. Bennett Memorial award. The Fordham Law School rewarded him for upholding moral standards in the community. In return, TJ Maloney gave back to society by donating $5 million to thank the school for nourishing him to the successful person he is today.

Lincolnshire has become lucrative with TJ Maloney as its leader since it sold Holley Performance in 2018. The buyer of the firm was Sentinel Capital Partners, which is the private equity profession too. Although comprehensive details about the sale were discreet, Lincolnshire closed the deal with high profit. TJ Maloney and his able team increased the investment value of the company to a higher level. Put, its net worth has tripled up since the trade was a mega one. Other sales are Fabri Group and Amports Inc. that have kept the company on top.

Recently in June 2019, Lincolnshire recruited four individuals to join the thriving industry. They included Georg, Yashna, Matthew, and Nicolas, who were competent and active in their work. Their duties revolved around finding new opportunities to invest, as TJ Maloney described. He added that the company was on the forefront to acquire talented staff that would bring growth to the firm. He also said that they would work as a team to get the best out of business.

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The Career of Tim Ioannides

Ever since he was a kid, Tim Ioannides dreamed of one day becoming a dermatologist but it wasn’t an easy road to get to where he is today. So how was he able to achieve this lifelong dream? It all began about three decades ago when he first matriculated at the University of Miami School of Medicine. During med school, he was accepted into a prestigious internship program which he completed with honors. After receiving medical degree, he decided to go into the private sector and he found himself working at someone else’s practice where he helped with the day-to-day activities and performed clerical work in the front office. Pretty soon, however, he discovered they were more interested in making a profit than properly treating the patients.

As such, it wasn’t long before Tim Ioannides MD departed that practice so he could open his own office of dermatology. In 2004, he officially established Treasure Coast Dermatology, a practice specifically developed to attend to the wants and needs of each individual patient. They do this by having Dr. Tim specifically consult with each patient in order to establish a healthy rapport with them and better treat their conditions. They also ensure each employee takes their notes by hand so they can better attend to their patients instead of being glued to a screen. One of his proudest accomplishments is all the patients he has helped to cure of skin cancer.

He has said he doesn’t use any traditional marketing tactics as he finds that word of mouth is just as effective as any tools he could possibly use. A lot of his customers are actually holdovers from his previous position when he was fresh out of med school. In the future, he hopes to one day discover a cure for skin cancer.

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CEO TJ Maloney Moves Lincolnshire Management Forward In The Private Equity Sector

TJ Maloney, though many may be unfamiliar with the private equity top-notch chief executive officer, is still leading the investing powerhouse that is Lincolnshire Management. Having been around since 1986, the firm founded by Wright and Kimble has experienced the largest portion of it growth in the years since 1993, as that is the year that the organization gained arguably in most important human asset, TJ Maloney. Whether Lincolnshire is dealing with acquisitions, restructuring or mergers, there is no doubt that the $1.7 billion that the firm has gained in capital from those activities would likely not be as high without Maloney doing his part to aid in the expansion of Lincolnshire Management throughout this interesting private equity investment sector.

While it is clear that Lincolnshire’s benefits as a result of Maloney’s leading power have been substantial, it is also necessary to take not of what TJ Maloney used to do before his 1993 entrance into the firm. He happens to have been an attorney whose securities law practice was well-received in New York, and his Fordham University law credentials clearly came in handy during that time. Also not stranger to things like MBA lecturing and even guest speaking, Maloney’s industry wisdom was strong when he came to Lincolnshire Management. The effects of TJ’s wisdom can be seen in how effectively he is able to satisfy the clients and investors of the Lincolnshire organization.

There has certainly been a boost in both capital and performance at Lincolnshire Management with the addition of TJ Maloney, and multiple publications that keep track of private equity’s trends have commented on this. 2010 and 2011 were both years during which Lincolnshire earned the public praises of such publications. CNN Money was one of these, and Private Equity News was the other. Hosting their private equity operations out of New York appears to be working out extraordinarily nicely for Lincolnshire Management as well as Mr. Maloney, and with a strong CEO heading an even stronger investing organization, further capital gains from private equity related acquisitions seem more or less inevitable as the team moves forward.

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Clément Perette’s Modern Approach to Oceanic Conservation

An August 6th, 2019 story from Chronicle Week highlighted changes to communications, media and technology and how those changes have helped Clement Perrette with ocean conservation efforts.

The story sheds light on how the technological advancements that have emerged with modern media can be put to use with philanthropic efforts. Social media, global internet access and international TV and film access have not just paved the way for more effective philanthropic communications, but it has connected audiences over what used to be just local issues.

The article adds compelling data to the mix. It reports that there are 3.2 billion social media users worldwide. Perrete and others committed to justice causes have learned to channel their efforts to educate and motivate people via social media platforms. It is not just social media though, where philanthropic efforts need to have an online presence. The story points out that approximately 70 percent of American adults have gone online to shop in the last year. Online shopping partnerships has become an increasingly profitable niche for fundraising and action.

Teaming up with Phillip Hamilton and Chris Morgan, Perette was able to join the Uproar Media production team in creating “Ocean Souls.” “Ocean Souls” is a film documenting the lives of dolphins and wales. By capturing their lives, the film team was able to educate viewers about the human aspects of these sea creatures and call to attention horrible oceanic environmental conditions. The film, as well as other efforts, have illustrated Perette’s ongoing commitment to ocean conservation.

When not taking on efforts described above, Clément Perrette can be found promoting his book “Call of the Blue” that promotes sea conservation. He can also be found putting his nearly 30 years of financial sector experience to work as a fixed income fund management specialist.

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Sharon Prince and Grace Farms Foundation Foster Change Via Nature

A March 2019 article from Gazette Day highlighted Sharon Prince’s Grace Farms and Grace Farms Foundation. The article reveals a unique bio-diversity found at the 80 plus acre community and cultural center located in Fairfield County, Connecticut. No matter the season, Grace Farms provides ample beauty and motivation to it’s visitors. The land itself served as an inspiration for creating Grace Farms Foundation.

More than 100 trees on the property provide plenty of color each Fall. The impressive landscape is perfect for group photos and scenic walks, and it is also leads to more creativity. In the Winter these trees lose their colorful leaves, but a crisp white touch of color through snow-covered trees emerges. The mile long walking path leads through a spectacle of sites, as various native animals and birds display their way of life. Activities like animal tracking are sure to leave imprints on guest visits. Spring and Summer return and migrated animals return too. The diverse foliage and habitat is noted even more, as the colors re-emerge from the cold Connecticut Winter.

Biodiversity and an appreciation for Ecology are both fostered through the natural offerings found at Sharon Prince Grace Farms. Sustainability and environmental re-development are goals of the organization. More than 80 types of birds inhabit the meadows that have been restored. Bees and butterflies also make the area home.

The foundation also furthers its mission through an expansive garden. Each year the organization produces 500 pounds of fresh crops. 20 raised garden beds and the surrounding activity of all sorts of creepers and crawlers leads to an impressive offering of educational opportunties for adults and children.

Activities are plenty at Grace Farms Foundation. Each year the organization has an Earth Day festival on top of its daily events. The events are geared toward fostering education around nature, The goal is for this to hopefully lead to action on the issues that matter most to its founder Sharon Prince.

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