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How Andrea McWilliams has changed the political arena in Texas

To many Texas residents, Andrea McWilliams is a political force that aims at changing the entire concept of politics. As a woman, she is very privileged to be identified as a political force since many women are viewed as weak and cannot hold any leadership position. This has been proven wrong by Andrea as by the time she was twenty-one years; she had become the Chief of Staff. It’s not easy to hold such a position at that age since many youths at that time are having fun. To Andrea, being able to be in such a position at that age truly showed she had the capabilities and potential of more than ten men.

Andrea is a skilled strategist and is known countrywide for her lobbying efforts and the fact that she is the founder of the McWilliams Governmental Affairs Consultants. Due to her influence and ability to pay meticulous attention to every single detail, it has become difficult for people to put the word together that can describe her. Andrea is a family person as she is married to Dean McWilliams and has three children. She involves her husband in her business as she works alongside her husband, who is also the co-founder of her firm when it comes to crafting policies in regulatory and legislative arenas that are done on behalf of their customers.

Together, they are a lobby team that is unique putting their clients’ needs first to ensure they are represented well enough on all political aisle. Together, they have a set a track record that only speaks for itself. Her devotion and tenacity have been seen in various instances extending far from the political arena. As a resident of Old Enfield neighborhood, she is well recognized for all her philanthropy. Among the various philanthropic positions she holds, Andrea McWilliams has been a longtime inaugural member of the Long Center’s Notable Women and St. David’s Toast.

In 2009 she was named the top lobbyist in Texas, and this was a privilege for her considering she is a woman and she had outdone all the fellow men.