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Starbucks Mini Frapp

Frappucinos are a little bit of proof that God loves us. After all, they are delicious. There is basically a flavor for everyone out there and they are chalked full of the all important ingredient that you need to get you through the day – caffeine! Now on top of being a flavor for everyone, Starbucks has revealed there is a size for everyone!

Normally you walk in and you request your tall, grande, or venti size and away you go. But, sometimes there’s not a one, or three, size fits all mold for people. According to GrubStreet Starbucks has revealed a new size! A mini frappuccino, and it sure looks cute. Through June 6th, customers can get their hands on this pint sized treats! Who knows if it’ll extend pass that, it’s quite possible if there is a demand.

Coffee lovers at Anastasia Date (twitter) are wondering: Why is this being done? Who knows. Starbucks might be trying to just switch things up, or perhaps they got lots of requests for a smaller size. I personally need to get the biggest size when I go to Starbucks, so I don’t understand it. Another theory is that maybe it’s for a younger crowd, although a younger crowd probably shouldn’t be drinking all that caffeine that young. One other theory is that it lessens the calories. You don’t want to know how many calories are in one of those frapps!

So no matter what the reason, if you’re in the mood for something smaller than hit up Starbucks and try the new tiny tasty treat.

New Mini Starbucks Drinks

When one is downing a drink from Starbucks they consume all that is there and are happy for all that they receive. Sometimes, though, one might wish for a smaller serving of the wonderful drink to be available at a lower price. Sometimes one might long to have a smaller, “mini” Starbucks drink to consume. What is one to do when they want their Starbucks drink to be smaller? There is a new option out there.

Starbucks has released a new size of Frappucinos. These new drinks are “mini” versions of the popular drink from Starbucks are just two ounces smaller than the “real” versions of the drink. These mini Frappucinos are not much different from the other drinks available, but they might meet the needs of some. For those who are determined to down less calories or spend less on their drinks these new sizes might be something that will come in handy. For those who love consuming all that they can when it comes to a Starbucks drink, those two ounces are going to be missed.

Thanks Bernardo Chua for introducing me to my new (and temporary) addiction. Check out Bernardo on Twitter.