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The Kabbalah Centre Continues to Bring Spirituality to the Masses

The search for apirituality and happiness in the modern world has continued from the arrival in the mainstream of Indian based spirituality in the 1960s, a time when popular culture figures looked to the east for guidance from Hindu related guru’s. The 1960s also the first rise in interest for the Kabbalah teachings that have formed an important part of Judaism for thousands of years; much like the arrival of guru’s and Hindu influenced teachings the Kabbalah does not require a student convert to any specified religion, but instead use the teachings as a way of complimenting their own belief system.

At the height of the march towards eastern based religions in the 1960s Philip Berg established the first incarnation of the Kabbalah Centre, which came out of an earlier organisation bringing Kabbalah based teachings to people that was created in 1922. The Kabbalah Centre as we know it began life in 1984 in New York and was quickly followed with a second location opening in Los Angeles. Philip Berg and his wife Karen have looked to create learning programs that allow individuals the chance to learn about the ancient teachings designed to reveal the spiritual side of life and the world to any interested person.

In history the teachings of Kabbalah were said to be so complex in their Hebrew language and ideas that students were actively discouraged from learning these writings. In bringing the teachings of Kabbalah to the general public the Kabbalah Centre hopes to develop a group of people who understand these teachings, but have little to no knowledge of the Hebrew language and other Jewish texts.

In the 21st century the teachings have been absorbed into other religious areas, such as the Christian faith, new age spirituality, and Occultist beliefs. By learning about Kabbalah followers are hoping to make sure they begin to understand more about the creation of the universe by a divine authority and become more spirituality aware.