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Thomas Neyhart-CEO PosiGen Solar Power Company

Thomas Neyhart is the PosiGen CEO. He has over 25 years of management experience. For over a decade, he was the COO of a vast corporate store, Utica Rentals, with 32 areas and more than 165 representatives across six states. Tom, at that point, turned into an accomplice in a chief inquiry firm work in development staffing that put more than 2,500 development experts all through the United States. In 2014 Tom Neyhart was named one of Goldman Sachs 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs, and he keeps on being a sought-after speaker at environmentally friendly power and development business discussions.

As the PosiGen CEO, Thomas Neyhart works with his team to afford the low- and moderate-income earners power that is accessible and affordable economically. Solar energy saves money that could be used in paying electricity bills. If this money could be saved and diverted into other local projects, growth at the grassroots level becomes imminent. PosiGen was born in the wake of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. People from New Orleans were focused on rebuilding their lives after the devastating effects of the hurricane, but power was a problem and PosiGen CEO Thomas Neyhart was well aware of that. The power available was expensive and could only be afforded by the wealthier class. 

With his team of Solar energy specialists, PosiGen CEO Thomas Neyhart saw this as an opportunity to change the lives of people by bringing them cleaner and affordable power. Since then, PosiGen installs thousands of solar energy panels every year in America. Solar energy has various benefits, including lowering energy bills, a cleaner environment, increased comfort, health, and enhanced home value, making your home more attractive to future buyers. According to Thomas Neyhart, by making solar energy affordable, more people are likely to venture into its production, consequently leading to a more sustainable environment. PosiGen’s energy efficiency refreshes to ensure that our customers’ homes are secured, clean places. Sun-based power has a significant impact in helping customers live safer, better lives.

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