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Slycing Through The Competition

Recently LiveMint released a clever report covering the recent emergence of image recognition start-up company, and it’s overall effect on a new generation of tech savvy young people.

As of late, new start-ups have emerged to help online retailers find make the intended connection with the audience they are trying to market to. Companies like Stylumia Intelligence Pvt Ltd offer solutions to client and retailer a like through the use of visual search technology, providing more advanced opportunities to shoppers looking for the right specific thing while scanning the web for the right specific thing, whether is is a piece of clothing or a product, these sites are here to help facilitate transactions in which all parties come out happy. Various visual search engine start-ups assist the user to find a diversity of products via the use of photography surrounding whatever thing someone happens to be looking for. Start-ups also gather data based on actual purchases made by various consumers, so that they may better help browsers shop, with the help of customized recommendations. Companies are springing up around the world. In India, SnapShopr and iLenze are trying to perfect the visual-search based method of browsing. In Chennai, Mad Street Den grants users the chance to utilize a visual search-engine, as well as it’s most popular invention, a visual recommendation service that analyzes catalogue information to help it form modified suggestions to shoppers. For further information, anyone interested should look towards the original LiveMint report that can be read here: which is full of relevant info. Another company to be highlighted utilizing this technology and taking it to the next level is Slyce.

Slyce is a dedicated company to say the least. They employ technology that enables the consumer to perform online searches at level previously unheard of. Slyce helps users buy products they have seen in the actual world, such as those seen in magazines and featured on billboards. They can help out via the web to, like connecting one to a product based on a photo found on Pintrest.

Another plus for Slyce is those working behind the scenes. Co-founder Cameron Chell not only has twenty-five plus years of experience, he constant pushes the tech envelope. Slyce is the product of people preoccupied with evolving e-commerce in a big way, focusing on customer service and revolutionary inventiveness.