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Iskandar Safa and Privinvest Explore Building Superyachts


In 1990, Iskandar Safa co-founded the Privinvest Group with his brother. The two had plans for creating one of the most influential shipbuilding companies in the world. Besides handling naval contracts, the company’s mission included expanding shipbuilding capabilities into other spheres.

Commercial shipping is one, and the creation of superyachts is another. Not surprisingly, much attention goes to the superyacht work the company handles. Iskandar Safa is out there front-and-center drawing attention to his company’s plans related to mega-yachts.

Privinvest Group owns a shipyard in Germany named Nobiskrug, which is the manufacturing facility that produced the legendary “Sailing Yacht A”. To say the yacht is impressive would incredibly downplay its splendor. The 143-meter ship has an underwater observation pod made with glass 30 centimeters thick. Above the observation glass are eight decks spread across the vessel. The visuals of such a ship are impressive beyond belief. Expect Privinvest to continue its expansion into the yacht-building arena in the coming years.

Assumptions that Privinvest plans to leave naval shipbuilding behind, however, aren’t based in fact. The company’s multibillion-dollar deals with navies in 40 countries aren’t going by the wayside. What the company does wish to do involves expanding its business endeavors. Privinvest has enough assets to do so, and the enterprise’s reputation is a strong one. The leadership of Iskandar Safa should take the company into superyacht-building preeminence. View Additional Info Here.

Iskandar Safa proudly points out that two of the ten most well-known superyachts came from Privinvest’s facilities. It makes sense to build on the momentum from the publicity the two yachts generated. Equally wise is to continue meeting the demands of naval clients, as well. Go Here to learn more.

Throughout the years, Privinvest produced 2,000 vessels for clients. The company also handled repair and maintenance work for untold numbers of ships. Look for even more great things from the company and Iskandar Safa in the future.


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