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The rise of adult messaging platform SextPanther

SextPanther is spoken about in an article from Igeekphone. It is an adult texting platform that has grown in popularity throughout the pandemic. The application allows fans to connect and directly message adult content creators. Media and text messages can be exchanged by both parties and allows for a very personal experience with phone or video calls.

The platform was specifically tailored for sexting between adult creators and their fans. Originally meant for texting, the platform added different options like video and audio calls down the line. People can use SextPanther for free on the explore page but payments to creators are standard with a rate of $2 and above. The amount of money can depend on what the creator lists for their services as sign-up is free.

Adult content creators are free to set the price for their online services and can personalize whether they want to sorely do text messages or provide more communication options to fans. SextPanther truly allows for an interactive experience as creators can give out their personal contact number to fans on the platform. The company makes a firm notice that the platform is secure and no private information can be leaked.

Content creators are paid twice a month depending on what users spend for their services through the use of credits. The company also has its own customer service department if customers need any kind of assistance. Many have enjoyed the platform because it allows people to make extra money securely each month while fans get to personally speak to different models. The platform is regarded for putting the users and creators first. It is one of the reasons why they have grown so popular in the pandemic. SextPanther’s: Twitter.