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White Shark Media Reviews

Like every company, White Shark Media, has had its compliments and complaints and has had to learn from them. No company is perfect and it takes time to perfect a business from scratch from the bottom up. White Shark Media is no exception to the rule, and has taken the remarkable step of publicly announcing there former faults and what was done to remedy the situations. White Share Media believe they have certainly made there share of mistakes, but that in the end for every fault there company had help the company hone itself to produce better service for the long term.

For example, a customer lost touch with their ad word campaign. They realized that there reports were not adequate for small business owners to receive there reports. To remedy this White Shark Media establish a more comprehensive INS and out system to allow every customer to know how to check performance before a campaign even starts.

Another complaint was that the customer didn’t feel that the communication with White Shark Media was very good. To remedy this situation the company implemented a scheduled monthly status call. They will go through there monthly reports and breakdown the last thirty days campaigns with the client, so there is full awareness of everything that is going on. This is done face to face with GoToMeeting and online conferencing tool. White Shark also provides additional contact with a personal contact person with extension. This allows for direct communications any time a customer needs. They also supply there supervisors extension for emergency or if there contact is not in the office. How cool is that. Even when the company gets bad feedback on review channels such as yelp or facebook, White Shark Media will make a quick response and make any proper investigation to any and all complaints.