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Reasons I love To Invest In Dickey’s BBQ Franchise


Dickey’s BBQ Franchise has been in the restaurant industry for over thirty years, and they are just now getting started on a new venture: franchising. This is excellent news for anyone who loves their BBQ and wants to get into the restaurant business themselves! In this article, we will look at why Dickey’s decided to go with franchising, what makes them different from other franchises, and how you can open your franchise!

Dickey’s BBQ has been a staple in the restaurant industry since 1941. Known for their Texas-style barbecue, they have expanded to over 500 locations across the United States and Canada. With their expansion comes an increased need for quality control, which is why they introduced “LeanPath” technology to help monitor food waste and loss.

Dickey’s decided to franchise because it is where the market was. The restaurant industry has seen a steep decline in recent years, which prompted Dickey’s move into franchising. By taking advantage of this downturn, they can ensure that their new franchises are open for business right away and don’t lose out on any opportunities by waiting! Dickey’s is also taking advantage of the growing interest in barbecue. The American dream is to have your own business, and BBQ’s are an excellent way for anyone who loves food to get their start!

Dickey’s Franchise Guarantee has competitive advantages over other franchises out there. Firstly, they offer you more flexibility than most franchisees can find elsewhere because if you want to change something, you can! Their whole business is built around getting your feedback and using it to shape their future. Secondly, they offer a generous franchise fee of only one thousand dollars (including the $300 initial investment)! This low cost for such an exclusive opportunity makes Dickey’s very appealing as well. Lastly, this company has been in business for thirty years! That’s a long time to perfect your craft, and that means you can trust their products.

Dickey’s is taking advantage of the growing interest in barbecue by offering up this new opportunity. They are also doing it because they know how tricky business has been recent. By capitalizing on these two trends, Dickeys have the chance to open up a lot of new franchise locations. If you love to barbecue, this is your chance!See this article for additional information.


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Red Burgers in Japan for Burger King Customers

Prepare for the Red Burger

According to the Examnier, Burger King Customers in Japan can expect to enjoy all-red burgers. This is planned to begin on July 3. Every customer can choose between a beef patty or a chicken patty that will be placed in the middle of a red bun. They will be topped with red cheese. The seasoning will be red hot sauce that is made from hot pepper and miso. The company did choose to stay away from Red No. 40 food coloring. They opted to create these red buns and cheese with tomato powder. They will be charging four dollars and forty cents for each red burger. Japan can prepare to see red, starting in July, at Burger King. These red options are considered to be crayon box inspiration. The Burger King Chain already has an all-black-everything Kuro Burger. These are black buns that offer black cheese on top.

Chinese Restaurant Named I Don’t Know

Many Asian restaurants around the United States are known for their interesting and sometimes very funny names, however one restaurant in the Rochester, New York area is taking it to a new level. The owner Jessie Dong who is an Asian American named her new restaurant “I Don’t Know Chinese Food”. While some might find this odd, I think it is pretty humorous.

According to an article found on reddit and written by Eater, the reason Dong named her restaurant “I Don’t Know” is because her children often say the phrase in reference to anything. For example she will ask them what they want for dinner and that is the response she gets, and when it came time to get opinions on what to name the restaurant it was the same three words uttered to her: I don’t know. Therefore, she took that and ran with it and now the locals of the Rochester area can eat at “I Don’t Know” whenever they visit Madison Street Capital. It could be a clever way to make someone pick where they want to eat, because if you have dinner plans and ask your guest or family where they want to go and they respond with those three words, they will have made their choice and maybe not even realize it! Despite the interesting use of the phrase, I think it is catchy and memorable which is why they will do well in their sales.