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Jason Halpern – Always On The Move

Jason Halpern is a human dynamo in the Real Estate field. As a third generation entrepreneur, he has extraordinary perception when it comes to building and developing properties.

Jason Halpern: Born to Develop Property

However, he does not operate in the same vein in which most people in this particular arena do. While some of his New York colleagues were constructing huge urban properties, Jason concentrated on creating small boutiques buildings, avoiding financial distress. Although he is always interested in restoring and erecting structures, Mr. Halpern does not lose sight of respecting the surroundings of the area he is working on.

Aloft and Jason Halpern

Whether it is being capable to make a fast decision on obtaining a great spot or flying back and forth to take care of business, he is noted for not letting the grass grow under his feet. As though it is not enough he is established in New York and Florida, he now has his attention set working on a project in Europe.

With all his success, Jason feels that it is his duty to give back.

Jason Halpern with Crunchbase Production

He is in cooperation with an organization that provides clean water internationally; he has given monetary support to places such as Ethiopia and Nepal who are desperately in need of basic items. The Trauma Center at Westchester Medical Center treat the worse accident cases, such as victims with extensive burns, people who require their appendages to be reattached, individuals demanding emergency heart surgery, etc.

Jason is fully committed to collaborating with this Level 1 Trauma Center/Hospital.

Jason’s Family

When he is not occupied in formulating a plan for a new project or funding a charity, you will find Mr. Jason Halpern enjoying a well deserved downtime.

This could include relaxing at home with his wife and son, taking in a New York Giants game or visiting a car-racing track.


New York Real Estate Is Expected To Change In 2016

On January 20th 2016, NY Daily News reported eight predictions for the New York real estate market this year. According to experts, the New York City real estate is expected to be dynamic in 2016.


One of the predictions is that interest rates will slowly rise, which may dissuade buyers from purchasing real estate. As a result, sellers may lower their prices to attract more interested purchasers. These drastic real estate changes may prompt buyers to perform more due diligence before purchasing or renting a property by reviewing contracts meticulously, requesting deal contingencies, and seeking the opinion of several trusted advisors. Additionally, buyers may urge sellers to complete numerous urgent demands. Deals are expected to happen, but selling real estate will be more difficult.


As the market gradually softens, exclusive blocks will become more appealing to purchasers. Some experts believe that buyers such as baby boomers will focus more on acquiring prime locations as opposed to secondary and tertiary neighborhoods. Similarly, baby boomers are expected to permanently downsize and relocate to the city to live near children and grandchildren. Because this older population typically purchases property in cash, they will continue to play an integral role in the New York City real estate market after selling their house in the suburbs.


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