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Qnet Limited and Sharp Create a Joint Venture.

Qnet Limited’s franchise in India has a teamed up with the Sharp Corporation, which is one of the world’s top electronic manufacturing companies, to market the Sharp-Qnet Plasma Cluster Air Purifier. The new product is a joint venture of the two businesses and will be marketed through Qnet’s advanced e-commerce program. Sharp Corporation is based in Abeno-Ku, Osaka and it supplies its products to all countries around the globe. According to a statement made by Kishalay Ray, who works at the Sharp Business Systems India Private Limited as the company’s President of the Consumer Business section, Sharp has faith in the marketing and distribution method use by Qnet. Having Qnet to serve as the sole distributor of the Sharp Air Purifier is a good business decision.

The affiliation between the two firms will boost the rate at which the air purifier will reach consumers since Qnet has a well-established customer network, which consists of thousands of members, who depend on the firm’s products. Qnet India spokesperson hopes that the partnership will have a positive impact on both enterprises. Qnet’s clients will now have one more product on the list of many high-quality commodities supplies by the company.

Qnet Limited is a Hong Kong-based company that provides a variety of goods, which include personal care, homes care, weight management, nutritional, energy boosting, luxury commodities and jewelry. The company manages branches in India and China and supplies its products to countries such as Taiwan, United Arabs Emirates, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Philipines, Rwanda and Ivory Coast. Qnet was created in 1998 in Hong Kong by young entrepreneurs who wanted were dedicated to bettering the living standards of people through marketing. The company currently uses multi-level network marketing and direct selling to reach markets across the world.

Qnet provides opportunities for its members to improve their lives by getting some income from the company. Members can start a business by being distributors of the enterprise’s products and creating a network that helps in selling the products. Compensation of the distributors is calculated depending on the goods that suppliers and their networks sell. The company is devoted to operating according to rigorous vegetarian rules, and it displays that in all its business strategies and products. Only vegetarian ingredients are used in the manufacture of consumable products. The company is also strict on the kind of food that is served during its events and only accepts vegetarian food.