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Jason Hughes Talks About the Importance of the Family Model in Business

Most people usually talk about how they “built” a business from scratch. As for a family, they claim to have raised it. There is no difference between raising a family and building a successful business. You need to be devoted and ensure the company and family have enough time for it to prosper. Also, you need money for your family and business. Some people beg to differ with Jason Hughes; nonetheless, when you evaluate everything carefully, you’ll notice that similar ingredients are required to raise a prosperous family and business. 


If you do everything right, most companies  such as the Hughes Marino firm will gain from family rituals and values, and they can also use such in the corporate world. Many business authors agree with the sentiments of Jason Hughes. According to Jason Hughes, the family structure is a successful form of organization globally. Firms such as Apple and Google usually make use of the family model. The companies have “family-sized groups,” and they help to boost productivity. Successful executives understand that to manage a large team; you need to break everything down. People are supposed to work in small groups. 


There is no need to think big; micro teams will come in handy. Families usually share the same values. When working in small teams, the employees will also share the same goals and values enhancing working culture. The best example is family goals. Each family member wants the best for the others. A successful organization and team will deliver excellent results since the main focus is on shared goals and values (Csq). 

In this case, the main focus is not on individual failures and success. A tribal leader will focus on finding the values that will turn the employees into a family. A firm can only be as strong as its culture in its tribe. The leader is supposed to define core values while ensuring the employees uphold these values daily. According to Jason Hughes, family will also be there at all times when you need them. Growth will cause a shift in responsibilities, and there is the need to help out in ensuring that essential tasks are handled even when they’re not in your job description. It is possible to always count on your family for anything regardless of the circumstances.