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“Red Farm,” newly located in a great second floor space in Upper West Side Village, serves a Chinese lunch menu of freshly prepared fish, dim sum, and produce from the green market. Pack Man shrimp dumplings and the duck spring rolls are especially noteworthy, but a bowl of Lobster Long Life noodles, with vegie fried rice, cannot be ignored. No reservations are needed for regular lunch dining, but small and large rooms offer a choice for planning occasions that are special.

Like a warm, Italian handshake, “Babbo” a Mario Batali’s restaurant in Greenwich Village, promises a delicious meal served in an atmosphere of traditional family friendliness. Featuring an Italian menu served in a setting of white table clothes and wine glasses, the restaurant has a small private room for a fancy lunch or a large room on the second level for greater celebrations. At Christmas time, a large tree turns this room into a festive environment that might be found in the heart of Italy. The popularity of “Babbo” necessitates reservations at least a month in advance, but the excellent pastas, carefully selected wines, and delectable cheesecake desserts make it worth planning for the occasion.

The Cooper Hewitt,a chain in the famous Tarallucci e Veni restaurants, is a luxurious location for a special celebration demanding the great Italian traditions. Founded in NYC, the restaurant is one of five that seeks to keep alive the warmth and gaiety of Italy’s food and social culture . They are based on the famous Italian theme that all problems can be solved over a glass of wine and an Italian cookie, a Tarallucci.

The Cooper Hewitt is located on 90th st. and has recently opened a new café at that location. In addition to regular dining, extensive private and catering menus are offered. They cover breakfast, buffet , brunch, lunch, and dinner. There is also comfortable seating for any size groups in the Museum, the Trustee Room, the Lecture Room, and the Arthur Ross, Garden and Terrace. The rooms are elegantly decorated and provide fine dining decor for company or private parties. Great dining experiences are guaranteed, with special care given to the wine, which often comes from private vineyards in the old country. Whatever the occasion, the Cooper Hewitt seeks to provide an experience that promises the culture signature of Italy will continue in the new city for a long time to come. The success of their effort is worthy of a special toast.