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Crime Prevention in Prison with Securus Technologies

The hardest part of my job at the local prison is being in the position to prevent crimes from occurring in the first place. My staff of corrections officer is the same for the last three years, yet in that same time we have seen the inmate population almost double. Twice the trouble means we have to work even harder to anticipate what may be coming and try to maintain a certain degree of order so the entire prison population is safe. This can be a challenge when we are at a crossroads where inmates want to take out their hatred for authority on us.


In order to try and level the playing field and give our facility some degree of order, we reached out to Securus Technologies to inquire how their inmate call monitoring system could help us to get control of the rise in violence without sacrificing our staff to do so. In order to utilize the monitoring system we have now, officers must sit in a small call center and listen to each word of every call the inmates are making, so it is definitely stretching our team thin. Securus Technologies has their main headquarters based in Texas and currently has 1,000 dedicated employees ready to help.


Securus Technologies already has this monitoring system in 2,500 jails and the officers there not only tell us it runs hands-free, they have seen a drop in violence across the board. Now that we have the system in our facility, my team is back to dealing with our day-to-day activities as the LBS software scans calls and alerts us if inmates are up to no good. If chatter has been detected on drugs, weapons, or any sort of contraband, we now have the unique opportunity to take proactive action and reduce incidents where anyone is put in harm’s way.


Using Securus Technologies to Clean Up Prison Systems

Inmates in our jail are usually very respectful, that is until you add some drugs into the mix. What alarms me as a corrections officer is when these inmates will tell you that they can get their hands on drugs inside the jail easier than when they were out on the street. That makes me want to work even harder to keep drugs out of our jail, but that can be a very challenging task.


The inmates have nothing but time on their hands, so they are able to see things and spot opportunities to exploit any weakness in the system. Perhaps the weakest part of our facility is in the visitor center, because inmates and visitors are in such close quarters with one another. Even with our beefed up police presence, inmates have discovered some very creative ways to get the items they want, even after we warn visitors they could be facing jail time themselves if caught trying to give the inmates anything.


Our team is very grateful for Securus Technologies and the inmate call monitoring system they installed in our facility. Richard Smith is the CEO of the company, and he says his Dallas-based company is dedicated to making the planet a little safe for us all. We see how that plays out in real-time inside our jail each day.


The LBS software does the work of several of my fellow officers, and can pick up chatter on drugs easily. The calls we are alerted to often involve inmates talking about how to get the drugs by security, how to transfer the drugs to the inmates, and how the inmates hide the drugs from the officers. Now when we hear these calls, we are able to spring into action and make the that the other inmates see that we are starting to gain ground on this growing problem.


Securus Technologies Arms Police With Targeted Information

One of the most important things to do when investigating a crime is to gather information. Investigators must work backwards by putting the pieces of criminal activities together. They must get the entire picture before they go and arrest somebody. After all, many crimes may point to an innocent person as the perpetrator until all the information is out on the table. Having as much information as possible prevents innocent people from getting arrested and increases conviction rates.


Securus Technologies helps police officers gather as much information as possible. You might not think the telephone company can do much for police officers, but you would be wrong. This particular telephone company is responsible for providing prisoners with their telephone services. Any time someone incarcerated inside of a prison that Securus Technologies services makes a phone call, that digital information is transmitted through Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies makes sure to record all of this information.


Every day prisoners make more phone calls. Every day this massive mountain of digital information grows. This can make it very difficult for law enforcement to get the information that they need. But Securus Technologies has already thought of that.


Proprietary software gives police officers the ability to dive inside that mountain of digital information with the utmost precision. The software is capable of identifying one voice within that mountain of digital information. The software then pulls up all of that information for police officers to review. As you can imagine, it arms law enforcement with a ton of information regarding anything spoken over the phone inside of a prison.


Most of the time this information is used to prevent crimes taking place inside of the prison. This can range from contraband to plan violent attacks. In the end, it allows law enforcement officers to get as much information as possible.


A Shout Out To Securus Video Visitation Technology

I have to tell everybody about this video visitation service provided by a company called Securus. Secures is this technologies company that provides telephone and Internet services to prisons. That means they operate the phone lines that go in and out of prison, but they also develop software and technologies for law enforcement.


I thought I was going to this company like I hated the last company. You see, my brother got transferred to a different prison. His first prison was serviced by a company called Global Tel-Link. They absolutely stunk. Their service was terrible, their customer service was worse, and their prices were even worse.

Securus ended up being a great company to work with. You have to set up an account with them, just like with Global Tel-Link, but it is way easier. You can do it online with just a few clicks of a button. From there, you can make phone calls using your account or you can use their video visitation service. That video visitation service is just the best.


If you do it right, you don’t have to talk to any law enforcement officials. That’s why I don’t visit my brother too often because I do not like being around all those cops. You just use your online account to ask for a video visit session. You even get to pick the date and time. The program goes and schedules it for you, telling me when my brother will be available. Then I just confirm it and start the video session when it is time. In each one of these video sessions only costs a few bucks.


I just read that Securus is trying to get the word out about this video visitation technology. I hope this review helps them because this technology really helps me.


Eleven Field Specialists From Securus Technologies Receive The Prestigious BICSI Installer I Certification

Securus Technologies, the leading provider of civil and criminal justice technologies announced that eleven of its field services specialists have completed the prestigious BICSI Installer I Certification. It is notable the Dallas based company is known for its high standards of technical expertise. As a result, more than 3,450 public safety, law enforcement and correctional facilities in North America rely exclusively on Securus Technologies to equip themselves with the latest security gadgets and technologies. In response, Securus Technologies offers some of the most advanced products catering to emergency response, incident management, bio-metric analysis, communication and inmate self-service, among others. Watch more on


The successful completion of BICSI Installer I certification by eleven field technicians is yet another proof that the company continue to invest in its product, manpower and technology. The BICSI certification is highly sought after by industry professionals because it tests the entire spectrum of communications industry including advanced voice, data and video setups. During the certification process, participants undergo strict training, which requires them to design, install, manage and maintain complicated systems. Projects also include defining pathways, spaces, optical fiber and copper-based distribution systems. In essence, technicians cover the broadest range of subjects catering to advanced communication infrastructure.


Acknowledging the efforts of his field service specialists, Danny de Hoyos, Senior Vice President, Operations for Securus Technologies, suggested that such world-class certifications are necessary for his team because it prepares these specialists to create and maintain complex communication infrastructure demanded by our clients. He also claimed that the training will ensure that company’s customers continue to get the highest levels of customer service. According to Danny de Hoyos, field service specialists working in the company have over 15 years of experience, which helps them complete such complex certifications. Overall, it also shows that Securus Technologies continues to invest heavily in its manpower.