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Goettl Air Conditioning Company Leads in Providing Comfort in People’s Home

An air conditioning company called Goettl that has been operating in Phoenix since 1939 before moving to Tempe in 2003 made a comeback in 2013. This comeback was after numerous interventions from Ken Goodrich. Ken bought the Goettl Company when it most needed rescue from the menace of consistent loss making. On changing ownership, the company’s morale changed, and it became customer oriented. Goettl also began involving itself in the community by helping people. Goettl grew at the rate of 500 percent from the time it changed ownership. It grew in towns, such as Tucson, Las Vegas, and Southern California. Its annual revenue also expanded to $50 million.


This air conditioning business helps in cooling or warming homes of its clients. Even with intense competition, Goettl is making it through the odds. Customers, such as Pullen, are praising Goettl saying that the firm delivers what it promises. Ken believes that Goettl is the company that has revived his dad’s legacy in the air conditioning arena.


History of Goettl Company


Goettl was set up by three gifted brothers: Adam, John, and Bill, who had gone to seek for opportunities in northern Phoenix, Arizona. The internationally known HVAC services company was the pioneer in cooling equipment development services. Today, the company enjoys being the most sought after when it comes to providing and servicing of comfort systems in houses and businesses in Arizona.


Goettl whose headquarters are in Las Vegas specializes in air conditioning, heating, air conditioning repair, heating repair, commercial HVAC, and indoor air quality. Goettl through The Sunny Plumber also provides plumbing and drainage services. The company is always focused on providing the best customer advice. It guides customers on the right sized and cost-friendly air conditioning. Customers are also recommended on the right cleaner and humidifier combinations. The Goettl team is believed to bring a new dimension in engineering and HVAC industry.