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Colcom Foundation

Colcom Foundation was established in 1996 to raise awareness and support for people living with corneal disease. The Foundation aims to raise funds and awareness, encourage research into better treatments, create a platform of cooperation between eye specialists and the public, support professional providers in medical treatment processes, and provide training opportunities for volunteer ophthalmologists and ophthalmic technicians.

Colcom Foundation has achieved remarkable results in these areas by involving professionals from diverse backgrounds in collaboration and working with individuals who have a personal connection to corneal disease. It has developed a partnership between the eye care community and corporate America, allowing it to thrive.

Through the WHO Colcom Foundation Awards, Colcom works to honor the talented professionals who have devoted their lives to patient care and education. The annual awards ceremony accompanies the IDSA meeting in Orlando, Florida. It has brought together a team of experts from diverse fields to tackle the challenges surrounding blindness and to find solutions. This collaboration results from the Colcom Vision Initiative, an effort to prevent or cure blindness by saving sight and enriching lives.

The Colcom Vision Initiative is a collaboration between global eye care specialists with a common goal – to save sight, enhance the quality of life and accelerate the translation of promising biomedical technologies into real-world applications to improve patient care. The initiative explores collaborative opportunities with scientists, researchers, industry, and government in the development of new treatments for eye disease. The initiative consists of workshops, meetings, symposia, and publications designed to better understand the challenges associated with sight-threatening eye diseases by bringing together people from diverse backgrounds who represent academia, industry, government, and patient advocacy groups.

Since its inception in 1996, Colcom has successfully organized major customer appreciation events in New York City, Anaheim, California; Orlando, Florida; Atlanta, Georgia and Dallas, Texas. Thousands of guests attended the events and benefited from fundraising raffles, among other special events, throughout the years.

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Betsy DeVos and Many Speaking Engagements

Only a few hours prior to the signing of the removal of the transgender bathroom policy by President Trump, Betsy DeVos was making her way to a meeting with representatives of the LGBTQ community from within the education department. The meeting was created to discuss the plan moving forward after the removal of the federal policy. This, of course, was a very sensitive time, and therefore one aide, in the presence of DeVos, stated to the representatives that Mrs. DeVos fought hard against the removal of this policy.


However, only a mere afters after the president’s announcement and surrounded by media, Betsy DeVos gave no sign that she was ever against the removal of the federal policy. In fact, she would go on to attend the annual CPAC conference and speak to a crowd of thousands regarding her approval of the removal of this executive action by President Obama.


But those who have known and followed Betsy DeVos’s career as the Michigan Republican Party chairwoman and leading advocate for charter school funding warn that she isn’t going to simply become a meek team player to the administration. Betsy DeVos can be very gracious when facing setbacks or other controversies, but she has also earned a reputation within her home state of being ruthless when it comes to getting what she wants. She will often use her family’s vast fortune and influence to bring about change. Former state attorney general & GOP member Mike Cox has gone on record as saying that she has, over the years, instilled a tremendous amount of fear into people and not just because of her family wealth.


Betsy DeVos, who was not present for this article, came to Washington with little to no experience in regards to how politics work within that environment. In fact, her lack of experience was seen when she attempted to debate Jeff Sessions regarding the removal of the transgender bathroom policy. This was a critical debate as Jeff Sessions was at the time very close to the president’s ear and thus influence major decisions. Once again, proponents and opponents of Betsy DeVos state that people tend to underestimate her abilities. They believe that once she has enough time in Washington to learn the ropes, she’s going to be a force to be wrecking with.


Mrs. DeVos was raised in the western part of Michigan, specifically in Holland. During her time there, Betsy DeVos would go to work with her father (Edgar Prince) within his auto parts company. Edgar Prince was also a very wealthy and influential man who often donated to various conservative causes throughout his time. Betsy would go on to marry Dick DeVos, another heir to a large family fortune.


Today, this power couple has not only made headlines but brought about change within their state of Michigan. Betsy was able to expand charter schools in the state, and Dick DeVos would go on to flip the state from a solid union state to a right to work haven.


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Putting The Spotlight On Highland Capital Management’s Long-Short Healthcare Fund

Although Highland Capital Management is considered one of the world leaders in the high-yield credit market, this investment firm also offers a diverse array of long-short mutual fund products.

From real estate to healthcare and everything in between, it seems that Highland Capital has a hand in all of the world’s most well-capitalized industries. Chief among its publicly traded offerings is the Highland “Long-Short Healthcare Fund”, and this particular fund is run by Managing Director Nate Burns and Highland President James Dondero.

The “Long-Short Healthcare Fund” is currently invested in several classes of stock across the marketplace. This is an equity-only fund, and capital is not invested in debt offerings of any kind.

In summary, the “Long-Short Healthcare Fund” is currently invested in the following equity securities across all of its portfolio companies:

  • Class A Stock – These shares come with more voting rights than other equity securities, allowing Dondero and Burns to hold sway over the operational decisions of corporations inside of their portfolio.
  • Class C Stock – It is not uncommon for one mutual fund to invest another mutual fund’s Class C shares, and this is exactly the strategy that Dondero and Burns have decided to employ.
  • Class Z Stock – Class Z shares are also a class of mutual fund equities, the Class Z Shares offered by Highland Capital Management’s Long-Short Healthcare Fund have gained more than 5% over the last decade.
  • Index Funds – Currently, the portfolio has more than 20% of its capital allocated to shares of the Standard & Poor’s 500 (S&P 500), a selection of America’s largest corporations.

Although the healthcare field has opportunities in several different verticals, Highland has decided to narrow its investment focus to biotechnology companies that show promise in developing nascent therapeutics and associated technologies. Go Here to learn more.

The current portfolio includes substantial stakes in Minerva Neurosciences Inc., Biohaven Pharmaceutical, and Ascendis Pharma. View More Information Here.


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Clement Perrette Highlights the Role of Climate Change in Oceans and Marine Life

Clement Perrette is one of the few industrial professionals who are joining the bandwagon of philanthropy and other activities geared towards helping the community at large. As a financial expert, Perrette has achieved significant success, especially at Barclays Bank, where he worked as Managing Director.

Perrette’s achievements in the Europe financial policies and capital markets can never be underestimated. He has also contributed to customer satisfaction and other useful management aspects that have played a key role in the development of various companies.

Besides the professional achievements, Clement Perrette is playing a critical role in ocean conservation. Over the last few years, the issue of climate change has dominated the world. From the predominantly social aspect where it belonged, it has moved to the political realms where parties are declaring their support for climate initiatives while others have significantly played down the issue of climate change around the world.

However, Clement Perrette believes that climate change is real and is currently affecting thousands of individuals in various capacities. Perrette notes the increased ocean and sea levels which has resulted from melting ice caps in the Arctic Circle and mountain tops. Increased global warming has increased the rate at which the ice melts each year, which will have significant climatic impacts in global trends in the next few years. His involvement in the issues of climate change has gained attention from other individuals in the finance sector. See This Article to learn more.

Clement Perrette is behind the book, ‘Call of Blue’, which details the impacts of climate change on oceans around the world. He has significantly touched on marine life and the number of fish that are dying every year due to the increased pollution in oceans. Perrette has worked with The Uproar Fund on the same issue of climate change. He also acted as the Executive Producer of the film, “Ocean Souls”, which details the role of human beings in climate change.


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How Much Should We Trust Betsy DeVos?

Trust is a very valuable thing, and it is not something that necessarily comes easily. A lot of people have asked lately if we should all be so trusting of our current Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. She is a Trump appointee who was confirmed into her current role by the thinest of margins. A 50-50 tie vote in the Senate was broken by Vice-President Mike Pence in order to get DeVos over the finish line.


A lot of the controversy surrounding her has to do with her politics as well as her personal advocacy for charter schools. She has been vocally very strong in support of charter schools for her entire life. She continues to support the idea of these schools now, and she is more poised to be able to do something with those beliefs than she ever was before.


The pure political woman is one way to view Betsy DeVos, but it is not the complete picture of her. She is not just another political hack who is out to do the bidding of the Administration. Rather, she is someone who has firm personal beliefs that she is not afraid to express in certain ways even if they may be politically risky to her.


One of the first things that DeVos did when she was sworn in was to meet with the union leaders of two of the nation’s largest teacher’s unions. One of those leaders refused to meet with her, but the other one did. It was a gesture by DeVos that pointed to the fact that she wants to try to cooperate with those on the other side of the political spectrum as much as she possibly can. She doesn’t hold grudges against them just because they view politics differently.


Another thing about DeVos that you may not know is that she took a calculated political risk and met with LGBTQ groups to inform them of a policy that was coming from the White House that she felt she had to enact. Despite being personally opposed, DeVos went ahead with the repeal of Obama-era guidelines given to public schools encouraging them to allow students to use the bathroom that they believe best matches their sex. DeVos didn’t want to have to move that policy forward, but she felt that she had no choice. Still, she wanted to let the LGBTQ groups know what she was doing and why she was doing it. She felt that in this small way she could show them that she was not hostile towards their cause.


You can tell that DeVos is a complex character and that she deserves to be viewed through a number of different lens. Those who have the time to ponder her get a much fuller picture of who she really is.


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Shafik Sachedina Of Sussex healthcare

Have you ever thought to yourself about the people who care for those who need to be cared for?

Dr. Shafik Sachedina worked hard to make sure that those people who are in the healthcare facility are being taken care of. He is the owner of this healthcare facility makes sure that the company has the organization that he taught them to have. He has went to several different schools in order to make sure he understood the needs that these people had and how to make sure these needs were met. He worked with several different coordination institutions in 16 key areas which is something that he is proud of. He works to make sure that all of the older people in the home are taken care of and have the best end of life care that they can have. This ensures that the patients are happy. The best employees are hired to make a great fit in the company and with the other employees to make a good team. This team has to work together and this is something that he knows because without a team that can work together there is nothing. The patients are the ones who need the care which means that they need the best team possible.

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This dental surgeon works hard to make sure this healthcare facility is taken care of and has the very best staff that is possible which means they work to hire the best team that they can. As a joint chairman of Sussex Healthcare, he works hard to meet every single one of the needs that his clients have and this is something that they take pride in. He works hard to make sure that the people he is hiring have the best background and knowledge for taking care of the patients that are in his care in his facility. He makes sure that the employees understand that these patients need to work on the skills that a person outside of the home would have while making sure they keep the skills that they already know. This makes the patients feel like they are doing something to better themselves rather than just sit around doing nothing.

According to, Sussex Healthcare understands that this is a hard time for the family and tries to help them every step of the way while putting the patients needs first which is what the employees have been taught to do.

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Jason Hope: Making Scottsdale A Better Place

Jason Hope has plans for making Scottsdale a better place with a bright future. His is heavily involved in research and development of mobile apps, desktop software, gaming software, and devices which enhance individuals lives by connecting them with others using technology to make their lives easier and more enjoyable.

Jason Hope is a futurist who works with businesses and individuals helping them move in the right direction when it comes to planning and developing technical advancements. He believes he has what it takes to support and cultivate young entrepreneurs as they enter the vast world of technology. Often new arrivals to this field have great ideas but not the experience or capital needed to bring ideas to fruition. He works with high school seniors and college students by offering grants and assisting them with their technology goals.

Arizona holds a special place in Jason’s heart because he grew in Temple and attended Arizona State University earning a degree in finance, and an MBA from Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business. He believes education is vital for economic, social, and health reform. Jason Hope continues to be a supporter of underserved schools and students to ensure everyone has access to a quality education.

Jason Hope’s dedication to making the world a better place has lead him to support research done by the SENS foundation. This organization conducts research on anti aging and allowing for better quality of life. Through their research, they focus on finding cures for diseases that break down our body causing it to age faster. Current medicine focuses on treatment, but the SENS foundation wants to prevent diseases like Alzheimer’s and heart and lung disease from happening to begin with. If scientific research can be innovative and challenge modern thinking there is no limit to where this can lead.

How Has Technologist Eric Pulier Changed The Game

Technology is one of the most popular and profitable industries in the world with well over a billion dollars in profits. Did you know that many of today’s technological features are used for convenience rather than used to solve problems. That’s right! Smart Phones, Computers, HDTV’s and many more devices are made from the best technological components. Many of the technological devices or products that helps society in-general never seems to get reported on. These products can solve problems in just about any field of work, but still they seem to be overshadowed by the norm. Have you ever heard of a guy named Eric Pulier? Did you know that e has made a huge contribution to society (via) innovative technology?

Eric Pulier is in a class by himself when it comes to getting thing achieved. His brain is his weapon of choice and he uses it to the best of his abilities. Pulier has always had a love for technology since a young age. In high school he started his own computer database company, but in the fourth grade he programmed his very first computer. The foundation was laid early on in life, but who knew this Teaneck, New Jersey native would take things to this level. People Doing Things was one of Pulier’s companies that used advanced technology to directly solve issues in education and healthcare. He also used innovation by creating a live feed of the space shuttle. This live feed allowed astronauts to have interactions with earth in real-time. This was far ahead of it’s time and it gave Pulier critically acclaimed notoriety. Just a few of his accomplishments is much more than 95% of what the people in the world has accomplished. Philanthropy was always a part of his character as he’s donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to charitable organizations. 2010’s “U.S. Doctors For Africa” named Pulier as the top billed honoree for bringing much needed technological to underprivileged communities in Africa.

Eric Pulier is an American Icon either way you look at it. He might not be as popular has your favorite artist, but he’s done much more for society than any entertainer today.