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 Vijay Eswaran Advice on stress

Vijay Eswaran is one of the wealthiest men in the world. He’s also one of the most successful and respected entrepreneurs. In this video, he shares his advice for relieving stress during high-pressure moments.

Power of Silence:

Vijay Eswaran says the ability to keep your mouth shut is what separates the successful from the average. Silence is an art. It takes a lot of practice to master. He says it’s way too easy for people to expose their emotions and thoughts when they’re at a loss for words. Being able to keep your mouth shut is the key to improved communication, more meaningful relationships, and better decisions in life.

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Influences and Inspiration:

People tend to put others on pedestals. They think that great people are not human like the rest of us. They think they’re infallible and can do no wrong. Eswaran says it’s better to approach people as real human beings who are fallible and make mistakes just like everyone else. He says anyone with the right intentions and attitudes can become great regardless of their background or past failures. Anyone can make a difference in the world. That’s why you should follow those who inspire you. What he says: When someone inspires you, observe the qualities they possess and boost that in yourself. Being inspired by others makes you more badass than the person who inspired them.

Entering a Flow State and How to Achieve Your Goals:

People are different. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to achieving goals. Vijay Eswaran says it’s important to find a way that works for you if you want to attain your goals. When you buy into something with passion, you can achieve anything. You just have to keep pushing until you get there. For those in the higher levels of the business world, he suggests that you enter a flow state. You should play your cards right and do whatever you can to achieve your goals.

Pam Baer, A Philanthropy Who Believes In Giving Back To The Community

Pamela Baer is a philanthropist, investor, and entrepreneur renowned in her community and society for doing good. She is involved in various activities and operations which have helped the community and society as a whole to thrive. She is one of the few entrepreneurs who value behavioral and mental health. The focus of Pam Baer in philanthropy is ensuring that the vulnerable and less fortunate in society rise to global levels.

Pam Baer is acknowledged for her support for the health sector. During this time of the pandemic, she extended her support towards health and educational institutions. Pam Baer believes that the two are integral towards ensuring the world becomes a better place to live. She is actively involved in the establishment of the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital that provided refuge for many. The hospital also supported the homeless, the vulnerable, and the poor in society. Pamela Baer is happy being able to help others thrive.

Pam Baer shows her commitment and dedication to philanthropic activities. As philanthropy, she believes in supporting the less fortunate in society. Because of her positive impact on philanthropy, she got appointed to SFGH Foundation as a board member. Most of the projects she was involved in were for the benefit of the San Francisco citizens. She also created a campaign program for creating an original heart. The campaign was integral in raising approximately $17 million. Pam’s projects have risen tremendously because of partnership and engaging the community.

SFGHF focused primarily on supporting the need of the less fortunate. The organization implemented several programs for behavioral growth and mentorship. Through these programs, patients would change positively, also spearheading society’s growth. Baer started her venture into philanthropy and philanthropy, focusing on being successful. Her primary focus was on brand marketing. After her higher education, she married Larry Baer and later relocated to San Francisco to continue with career ventures. Go to this page to learn more.


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CEO Michael Patrick Carroll is a Philanthropist that Prioritizes Giving Back

Michael Patrick Carroll founded and is current CEO of CARROLL, a renowned real estate development and investment company. The portfolio he built took less than fifteen years, focused on seeing opportunities others in the market did not. Even with his successes, the philanthropist has never wavered from giving back to his community. He believes that the best thing one can do with their social position is to use it to benefit others.

M. Patrick Carroll donates to over 50 charities throughout the world, ranging from early childhood development to health. He commits himself to donating food across the Southeastern region of America, giving over 100,000 dollars in resources. Some of the organizations the philanthropist has aided include food banks in Denver, CO, Orlando, FL, and Raleigh, NC. Michael Patrick Carroll also participates in National Multifamily Housing Council, Urban Land Institute and Habitat for Humanity, devoted to building and maintaining housing across the globe.

He takes pride in being a mentor for youth, including his three sons. M. Patrick Carroll aspires to influence the next generation through prioritizing personal wellness and supporting the pursuit of dreams. He retains a position as board member for the Boys and Girls Club in Tampa, and regularly speaks at and provides scholarships for his alma mater. The philanthropist tackled the pandemic by giving gift cards to his essential workers. He also dedicated 75,000 dollars collectively to communities in need and provided food to Ukrainian families during Easter.

Michael Patrick Carroll was behind a social media campaign encouraging philanthropy. The campaign used the #billionaireschallenge hashtag and the purpose was to push other heads of business to take part during the pandemic. For a start, he pledged an amount of 100,000 dollars. The drive behind this is from seeing firsthand damage of COVID among the American people.

The start to Kevin Planks’ Career

Kevin Plank is a man who has had a phenomenal success with Under Armor. He launched the popular company at his grandmothers house in 1996. He started his line of work as a college student. Kevin Plank created a small business called ‘Cupid’s Valentine.’ It was a rose delivery service for Valentine’s Day.

In early years, he was overlooked by football teams he desired to play for. He was disappointed, but he didn’t allow that to stop him from a life of success. In the 1990’s he finally got to play for the University of Maryland, which is was the start of his career.

Kevin Plank is now one of the largest innovators in the world. He has a drive to do greater than his opponents. His goal was to top Nike, which was risky, but he was willing to try. The company is 23 years old, but is still appealing and inspires young athletes around the world.

He was named the business person of the years by Forbes, and was the achiever of the year for the Success magazine. He has also won other awards and achievements due to his successful company.

Planks inspiration came after graduating college. He found that he didn’t like feeling weighed down and sweaty while he played football, so he started exploring ways to make a shirt that would keep players dry and cool while they played. He went $40,000 in debt to create this company he believed in. The name of the company started as ‘Body Armor’ until his brother mistakenly asked how his company ‘Under Armor’ was going. Kevin Plank liked the idea better and decided to name his company ‘Under Armour.’ Finally, in 2001-2003, the company found it’s big break when Under Armour became the workout and game apparel for NFL.


Bhanu Choudhrie Discusses His Successes And The Importance Of Time Off

As the Founder of C&C Alpha Group, Bhanu Choudhrie has helped to shed new light on emerging markets throughout the Philippines and India, while also creating and developing positive financial trajectories for startups, as well as, established companies. Since launching the international private equity firm in 2001, the renowned entrepreneur, and philanthropist has continued his trailblazing efforts across the financial plane, dabbling in various sectors, including hospitality, real estate, healthcare, and banking, while creating a diverse portfolio for C&C Alpha Group. Over the course of his career, he has participated in a number of philanthropic efforts and received a myriad of awards and honors.

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Bhanu Choudhrie attended Boston University where he studied International Business and Marketing, and after completing his undergraduate studies, he was accepted to the Harvard Business School’s Owner Management Program. Once Mr. Choudhrie’s collegiate career came to an end, he decided to build upon the entrepreneurial foundation laid by his family in India during the 1970s. This decision resulted in the formation of the C&C Alpha Group, which he viewed as a natural progression to the family business. In addition to heading C&C Alpha Group, Bhanu Choudhrie is also a member of the Board of Directors with Customers Bancorp and was previously a board member with Atlantic Coast Financial Corporation.

Despite his strict work schedule which generally consists of a 12 hour day, Bhanu Choudhrie also stresses the importance of taking time away from his many business endeavors. Taking time away from the office allows him the time to exercise his creative mind, bringing forth new ideas that can potentially elevate the company. He also enjoys physical exercise, in particular, boxing, as well as leisurely reading – each of which plays a significant role in his ability to remain productive amidst the volatility of the financial markets.

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Jason Hope Is A Serious Entrepreneur And Investor

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and angel investor. He is definitely motivated by technology and the many things it can do. He often gives people ideas about what future technology will look like. His advice is often beneficial for people who are wanting to stay ahead of technological trends.

Jason Hope attended Arizona State University and received a degree in finance. He also received an MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business. Based on his interests he actually has a five hundred dollar grant program for inspiring youth interested in technology. He looks through the entries of creative ideas from young people and then chooses one.

The entrepreneur is sure to take some personal time for himself each day. He starts with a healthy breakfast and doing some form of exercise. He wants to be sure he is prepared for his day. Then he checks his emails and social media accounts. He is sure to take necessary rests throughout the day away from his computer. This helps him to stay grounded and better focused on tasks. Jason Hope understands it is important to take time to get feedback on various ideas. Different people’s perspectives can be quite different, so it is important to get their ideas on topics as well. This can possibly help to avoid some mistakes. He takes every project one step at a time, so he will not feel overwhelmed about all the things he has to get accomplished. He encourages people to look at the bigger picture and not to stress over the minuscule details. He thinks this caused him to feel burnt out on certain projects in his past.

Jason Hope believes networking is a huge part of what he does and how he has been able to become successful. Knowing the right people has been a tremendous help to him. Jason Hope is also someone who enjoys giving back. He often helps philanthropic organizations.

Max Salk: A creative and Contemplative Businessman

Max Salk has the capacity and ability to get the job done efficiently when analyzing various sets of data. From there he has a comprehensive plan to make sure that the best decisions are made within his business. Not only this, but he has a promising and successful career as a creative photographer. This all started as a hobby but slowly turned into a passionate part of his career. Max Salk recognizes that in a modern age, things can be difficult with everyday life. Things are definitely not as simple as they used to be with new gadgets coming out every day. It’s easy to fall into the trap of obsessing over the new advancements and get caught up in the hustle of modern living. This is why Max Salk resigns to hold a good old fashioned i-pod instead of every new gadget available on the market.

He believes in the advancement of society to be used as a tool. Often times, people start getting used though by the technology itself. He strikes an amazing balance between technology and his business life. Preparation is the motto he holds in all his business dealings, and his success is attributed to the abundant amount of preparation he puts into all his projects at the office or in the black room. Being prepared is something people don’t always think about, but Max Salk always attempts to make people aware of the effectiveness of the strategy and to always have a backup plan in life. 

Like a fisherman at sea, he believes that you should always struggle for your passions. Sometimes the fish struggles and even sometimes it may getaway. But casting the reel out to sea over and over again is the definition of persistence. This he believes is the key to making any dream a reality. An excellent example of this is where he continually applies this principle in his photography business. What started with a tourism round of picture taking turned into a passion that he relentlessly pursued with heart. This yielded a successful endeavor that he holds as a passion.

Laerte Codonho Succeeds in the Business He Created

Laerte Codonho not only created a business but has also strived to make it one of the best soda manufacturers in all of Brazil. It is people like him that we look to in order to show us not just how to get a business going but how to make it truly thrive. His company, Dolly, started small in 1987 but became better well-known when they were the first to bring diet sodas to Brazil. Thanks to this, some changes in laws and Laerte Codonho being a forward-thinking person, it didn’t take long for Dolly to reach national attention.

The change in law was actually helped by Laerte Codonho, who found that the country’s beliefs on diet soda were outdated. In order to combat the problem, he undertook a study of his diet drink and presented it to the country. This helped change the law in order for him to sell his diet Dolly soda. Another big part of what has made Dolly so popular is their Guarana drink. This fruit flavor is found in most energy drinks in the United States and the people of Brazil love it’s slightly astringent taste ( 

These two sodas are among all sodas at Dolly that get a high amount of attention to detail. There are tests on everything from the water that goes in the soda, to the packaging used to house the sodas. This means a high-quality beverage for the customers who drink it. Laerte also has his hands in the advertising aspect of the business. Believe it or not, he helped create the mascot, Dollynho. The figure is described as an animated talking soda can. Dollynho has helped them promote many of their campaigns since 2003.

Naturally, one of the biggest hurdles for Codonho and his company has been larger, more internationally known soda companies. These companies have gone to the government in order to secure their place as superior. In order to make sure that his company gets fair treatment, Laerte Codonho has filed lawsuits stating that the other company overstepped their boundaries in fair trade. Given this information, it is no wonder that this successful businessman should be seen as a person who started a company and will see it’s a success in every way he touches it. He is not concerned at all since he has brought up the product by itself. 

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Dick DeVos Takes Flight, Gets Tapped For FAA Advisory Board

Dick DeVos is the former CEO of Amway, the former President of the Orlando Magic, and one of the wealthiest men in the world. For all of his major traits, what Dick DeVos wants to be known for is simple. DeVos wants to be remembered as the man who never quit fighting for the good of his home state of Michigan. Dick and Betsy DeVos are two of Michigan’s most high-profile politicians and philanthropists. The DeVos family has become well known for their work fighting for school choice. While Betsy DeVos has moved on to Washington D.C., Dick DeVos continues to operate from Michigan in order to help usher in progress and change.


Dick DeVos got his first real taste of state-level change in the early ’90s. At the time, the city of Grand Rapids was undergoing a potentially serious transformation. There had been rumors that a new convention center was going to be erected in order to bring in professional sports teams. While that sounded like a good idea on its face, people like Dick DeVos knew better. The city of Detroit had suffered mightily after building convention centers for the Detroit Lions and Detroit Pistons. Those convention centers were abandoned in favor of newer models, thus leaving Detroit in dire straits. Dick DeVos knew that Grand Rapids couldn’t recover from that level of blunder. So, Dick DeVos partnered up with several prominent businessmen before establishing the Grand Action Group. For years, DeVos and his team would fight against the convention center while propping up better business ideas. Eventually, their group would become known for essentially sculpting the city of Grand Rapids in its entirety.


Outside of his work in the ’90s as well as his gubernatorial run, Dick DeVos has also been keyed into the aviation world. Dick DeVos has helped to grow Michigan into a destination thanks to his support of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. DeVos was personally responsible for getting Southwest Airlines to establish routes out of the Grand Rapids airport. In doing so, DeVos helped to lower airfare for people traveling through the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. DeVos was also responsible for establishing the West Michigan Aviation Academy alongside Betsy DeVos. This academy operates as a charter school and it offers pilot licenses to students after they complete their training.


Recently, Dick DeVos was tapped by the FAA in order to serve on a citizen advisory board. According to Gregory Martin, the FAA advisory board will be used to chart a course into the future for the agency. Dick DeVos will serve on a volunteer basis on the board for a three-year term. DeVos will help the board navigate the complicated waters of national aviation.


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Jason Hope Has Long Been Dedicated To The Advancement Of Anti-Aging Technology

Anti-aging is an exciting prospect that has been thought about throughout all of human history. Immortality, however, has only ever existed in fictional writing and tales. The good news is, thanks to all the advancements in technology and medicine over the past few decades, anti-aging has finally entered into the realm of possibility for humans.

Jason Hope, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and futurist, has been donating his time and money to help organizations in the anti-aging industry, especially the SENS Foundation, which received a 500 thousand dollar donation from Jason several years back. SENS is a non-profit organization that is interested in anti-aging research, though it is specifically researched to help combat diseases like osteoporosis and dementia.

Today, Jason lives in Arizona and works as an entrepreneur, consultant, and facilitator throughout the state and for companies around the nation. After completing his education at the University of Arizona, Jason focused on his pursuits as an entrepreneur, and he found success rather quickly in telecommunications.

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As a futurist, Jason Hope has his sights sets on many different industries that will directly affect the way people live their lives in the future. The internet of things is another major subject for Jason, as the implications of technology and the internet are massive today and will only continue to grow at an accelerated rate each year.

Jason is highly interested in AI, or Artificial Intelligence since it has taken on a bigger role in society every day. While it probably won’t be anytime soon that people need to worry about sentient AI trying to take over the world, it is certainly a thought on the mind of many experts around the world as technology grows.

Jason Hope is more interested in the implications of technology on how humans interact with each other. With the rise of the digital age, the money that people all know and use is currently on a course of a big change from physical to digital. Blockchain technology is making this revolutionary change possible, and Jason Hope is backing it every step of the way.

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