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Acquiring Capital Has Just Gotten Easier

Equities First Holdings has been experiencing a phenomenon in the market. Borrowers are using stock as loan collateral to secure working capital, and it has gained the attention of many people in the industry. Equities First Holdings is a global leader with a proven track record of success. With specializing in alternative shareholder financing, they have been able to tap into an area of the market that traditional lenders tend to steer away from.
When borrowers are seeking capital and get turned down from traditional credit-based loans, equity lending seems to be the next best solution. Banks have tightened their loan qualifications and have become more meticulous with their lending. Loans that are collateralized by stocks are both innovative and effective. Stock-based loans have a higher loan-to-value ratio than margin loans.

Margin loans require the borrower to jump through many hoops to qualify. Stock-based loans are structured with the borrowers best interest in mind. Borrowers can enjoy a fixed interest rate and an attractive loan-to-value ratio. There are no restrictions on a stock-based loan so the borrower can use the capital for any purpose. Stock-based loans are non-recourse allowing the borrower to walk away at any time.

Equities First Holdings was founded by Al Christy, Jr. in 2002′. Al is currently the CEO and is set out to be the global leader in the industry. With providing efficient solutions to individuals seeking capital without all of the “red-tape,” people can bypass traditional methods of acquiring capital and fulfill their goals.

Equities First Holdings has locations across the globe and has a staff of highly skilled professionals that can adhere to your needs. Whether you are a high-net-worth individual or a business seeking capital the industry experts at EFH are at your disposal. EFH has a straightforward approach that is completely transparent. Take action now and let your worries of not being able to get the capital you need become a thing of the past