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Panera Comes Clean

Founded in 1981, Panera Bread had provided fresh quality ingredients to their devoted customers for years. The bakery style cafe has an enormous list of recipes, soups, sandwiches, and salads. Their healthy lifestyle is one of the most loved qualities about the national food chain. The company released a statement early Tuesday morning noting that over the course of the next year or so, they were taking healthy to a new level. Mark Ahn is glad to know that the bakery chain has committed to remove over 150 artificial ingredients from its menu. Fox News criticized that the company is just doing this as a marketing technique to get new, more health conscious customers. Panera lovers and supporters fired back at Fox. They claim that Panera has always been healthy minded. Recently they decided to roll out a new line of ‘clean’ salad dressings that have no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives. The company CEO, Ron Shaich, gave a phone interview shedding light on how Panera is making strides to be the frontrunner when it comes to healthy dining. His dream for the company is for it to be widely recognized as the most transparent eating establishment in the history of dining chains. With so much in the news about fast food companies and restaurants trying to cover their artificial tracks, it’s rather refreshing to see a company go to such great lengths to ensure the health of its customers. One good payoff from this commitment is that Panera will ultimately build a strong customer-to-company relationship.