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How You Can Shine Your Light in the Darkest of Hours “

It is cathartic. You cannot get to one place without going through another”

It is this way of thinking that will transform many of us into better people. Becoming a better version of a current self is part of the process. It is part of becoming closer to the light. Some choose to accept this fate, while others do not.

Some of us only choose to recognize the light when it is working in our favor. This is one of many lessons the Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles tries to teach its students. When something is going well we take ownership of this.

“I did this. This is all because of me.”

When something bad happens, we become divorced from it. We do not accept ownership of these situations. We only view it as “why is this happening to me”.

Both parts have everything to do with our ego and selfish nature. We want to accept the good things and never the bad. Kabbalah teaches us that the bad serves a purpose too. It is there to remind us to make changes in our lives. It is there to inform us that something has gone wrong.

We can shine our lights during the bad times. Take ownership of something bad we have done. Take the steps to fix the problem. Let go of our ego. Destroy it. This is part of our inner light.

Our ego is preventing our bright inner light from doing its job. We can take steps every day to destroy our ego. It is only then that the light can break through. This inner light will be our beacon of hope during our darkest of hours.

This is just one of the many teachings you will hear from a rabbi at the center in Los Angeles. You can find out more about the center and what it has to offer by clicking here.

To disconnect from our ego means we connect more towards the light.

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