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The unique role played by NGP VAN

NGP VAN is the leading software products provider company that offers the different platform that merges the following; field organizing, new media products, compliance and the best fundraising. It has been in this industry for more than 20 years.

NGP VAN has managed to offer their services to thousands of organizations and campaigns effectively. They include the following; labor unions, Democratic campaigns, national democratic committees, non-partisan PACs, political campaigns, local government and many other organizations.

Recently NGP VAN celebrated their female employees by holding a ceremony and also appreciated the DC organizations that value women. By doing this, they are trying to acknowledge the precious value that all employed women bring back to their place of work. Through this, they have been recognized by many.

Being an organization that supports sophisticated voter engagement and progressive campaigns, NGP VAN is in the forefront in recognizing the value of queer, transgender, bisexual, gay and lesbian vote hence integrating general features into their software to be more friendly. Recently NGP VAN has introduced the use of non-binary sexuality pronouns in voters’ record. This is different as compared to other software companies that use dual gender labels for demographic data.

Targeting votes from LGBTQ is of great value for the progressive Democratic campaigns since there exist millions of LGBTQ voters in the United States. You can find them mostly in urban areas. There are others who live in suburban areas. They are essential when it comes to democratic campaigns. Apart from considering the LGBTQ votes in political campaigns, NGP VAN has also promoted the inclusive view of sexuality through their change.

NGP VAN Company is only that remains true to its progressive origin. This is made possible through, participating in the celebrating the day without a woman, developing software that encourages LGBTQ equality and also providing Resistance with software support.