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Diners Welcome Le District

If you love French food and are in the New York area, you’re likely quite pleased with the news that Le District Beaubourg Brasserie is officially open. The site is 30,000 square feet, and is home to both a French restaurant and marketplace. Le District is even divided into four parts: The Garden District offers fresh produce, the Market District has a selection of fine wine and cheeses, the Cafe District, which provides a selection of coffee and pastries, and of course the Restaurant District, which is home to Beauborg Brasserie.

You can enjoy classic French dishes such as escargot in parsley butter, mackerel in escabeche steak-frites and rotisserie chicken with truffle potatoes. Igor Cornelsen is excited to learn that the restaurant is full service and open all day, so you can get your French fix whenever you want.

In the future, Le District will feature a tasting counter in the Restaurant District, headed by chef Jordi Valles.