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Clay Hutson Is A Details Kind Of Guy Who Puts On The Best Live Shows

Clay Hutson is a sound engineer and production manager who started his own company. He did so in order to better serve musicians and others who are in need of someone who can give their audience an amazing show. One of the things he has continued to do throughout his career is to always double and triple check all of his work. His reputation has always been solid, and to keep it that way, he knows that what he offers must be something of great value. In the music industry, one event or poor choice can lead to a poor reputation, so he always works to be ready for anything that may come up.

Clay Hutson has been focusing on stage management in recent years and has worked with a spread of musicians in this capacity. He has worked with Guns’n’Roses, Pink, and, more recently, has been working with Kid Rock. His work sees him taking care of everything that has to do with an event, and this means it is important that he shows up earlier than anyone else. As a details kind of guy, he always does a complete walk-through of the days events and gets together with his crew beforehand to let everyone know what it is they need to do. He knows that preparation is everything and is usually already planning how to take everything down for a show before it has even ended.

Clay Hutson decided to startup his company after gaining a lot of experience in the tour production and live entertainment industries. He worked in the music industry for many years before he decided to put together his own company. He got several jobs in the sector before he even considered striking out on his own, and this gave him many different skills that have continued to be useful in his career to this day. It was during a recession, when the company he worked for was not doing so good, that he decided to take the leap into his own business. He is happy he did and has never looked back since.

Doug Levitt: Using Songs and Photos to Highlight the Plight of Suffering Americans

Doug Levitt has spent the better part of the past decade on American roads. Once a CNN and CBS correspondent, he became a freelance writer and photographer on a mission. To Doug Levitt, far too many stories were going unreported by the mainstream media in the US. The media houses were doing a terrible injustice to the millions of broke and frustrated citizens residing on the countryside. To that effect, he woke up one day and decided to book a one-way Greyhound bus ticket to anywhere, and that decision gave birth to the greyhound diaries.


Doug’s Vision


His vast touring of the North American continent eventually culminated in the release of two books labeled, “The Greyhound Diaries.” His voyages also led to the production of an LP and a website containing dozens of pictures and video evidence of his encounters in all the places he traveled.


Doug’s travels have brought him face to face with people who are disconnected from the mainstream conversation. Individuals who don’t have the slightest clue about Twitter Trends. To Levitt, just because these people are disconnected doesn’t mean that their views and opinions aren’t important. No wonder, he travels around to listen to them and consequently gets their narratives heard all the way back in the Capital.


About Doug Levitt


Doug is an award-winning artist who’s done a remarkable job at sensitizing Americans about the plight of the poor folks in the countryside. His parents were active in politics; his mother was a Republican councilwoman. He was interested in hobbies like singing in the choir as a youth.


Doug’s altruistic nature has helped thousands of people to get their stories heard. This has, in turn, enabled the personal and the professional growth of the singer-cum-songwriter. In his interviews, Doug always mentions the crucial part his upbringing in Washington D.C played towards shaping him as a person. Growing up, he got a chance to meet and interact with people from all corners of the nation. Attending public schools just served to reinforce the exposure the artist already had in different societies.