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Dr. Alddo Molinar Career Success

Dr. Alddo Molinar is a well-established anesthesiologist currently attending the East Ohio Regional Hospital and the Ohio Valley Medical Center. Molinar was born and raised in Texas by two American immigrants. He was the first US citizen in his extended family and thus was expected to use that opportunity to benefit his family. From an early age, Alddo Molinar proved he could reach greater heights. Molinar picked up skills with much ease and reached many of his developmental milestones faster than his peers.


The constant development of his mind from the exposure to intellectual activities enabled him to handle increasingly harder projects easily. Furthermore, Molinar was much interested in the integral functioning of systems as he disassembled and assembled various systems to understand further how they functioned. The main thing that was pivotal in his life and pushed him to develop a passion for medical-related activities was the passing of his grandparents due to cancer. Later in life, Alddo Molinar attended the University of Southwestern at Dallas and later completed his residency at the Cleveland Clinic. Cleveland Clinic is popular for its quality residency and it molded Molinar significantly. 


Critical Care Medicine Expert Dr. Alddo Molinar


Furthermore, Dr. Molinar met his wife at the residency and after they both navigated through that medical step, they tied the knot and were blessed with two daughters and a son. Initially, Molinar thought that his involvement in medicine was just for some time, but it has turned out to be a journey built on values he acquired at an early age, which still led him to become a better person. According to Alddo Molinar, he had a passion for medicine from a young age. However, what aggravated the flame of pursuing a medical course was the incredible suffering of his grandmother, who had pancreatic cancer. 


According to the anesthesiologist, the disease robbed her of physical strength and vigor. His grandmother`s painful and helpless passing grew the urge to help the people around him. Molinar compares a surgical room to an airport, where he compares a pilot to an anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetist. Molinar describes his typical day as busy and says the profession is fascinating and rewarding (Bizjournals). 

For the specialist, teamwork and working well with others are essential. When bringing ideas to life, Molinar prefers brainstorming and working with a team of ambitious intellectuals. What fascinates Molinar currently is the constant increase in technology in medicine. The presence of microcontrollers, sensors and the ability to monitor and administer therapeutics has significantly improved. Alddo Molinar advises a young, ambitious medical professional to find time to take care of themselves. Physical and mental health is essential and constant attention is key.