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Dumping of the Milk

Located in Vermont are factories that have been increasing in production despite the demand of milk decreasing. Withing the year, production has even increased by 2 percent which is more than what is demanded at this current rate. The reason behind this is if they throw are their perishable products away, they will be able to stay, financially afloat.

Now the question of ‘Got Milk’ will always be yes and way too much of it. This product is now being dumped by the truck load because of the market saturation. The production has increased to at least get some of the value instead of no value at all.

According to Dr. Jennifer Walden in this article, this is done by converting the milk into non perishable items such as cheese and other dairy products. They are working with others in the industry for the purpose of maintaining as much of the value on dairy products as they can.

Currently, this organization is only dumping skim milk, however this may change. The skim milk is currently being dumped on manure pits on farmlands. There has been an estimation of hundreds of thousands of gallons of skim milk that have already been dumped because the Co-ops cannot lower the production rate of milk.

The industry says that by converting the product into other sold items is better than being left without a market. The milk will be mostly turned into cheese and other products as the production demand decreases.