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The MAGFAST Family of Products Promises a Wireless Charging Revolution

We all know too well that charging cables can lack structural integrity and fall apart quite easily and at the most inopportune times, and it’s difficult to carry a myriad of chargers for each device we own.

At one time the micro-USB was the universal answer to charging smaller devices, but now that chargers have changed and evolved, the time has come for wireless charging as a valid alternative.

Today’s consumers are looking for several different features including portability and convenience, a quick charge, compatibility with multiple devices, and magnetic charging options.

Device manufacturers now operate with a wireless standard term called Qi, pronounced “Chee,” which allows wireless charging options for their most recent device incarnations. Samsung has been successful with their Wireless Charger Duo, but Apple’s wireless chargers have recently been pulled from their lineup. Wireless charging options are out there, so why are we still using all these cords in 2019?

This is where MAGFAST, a 2018 crowdfunded startup with a slogan that says “changing charging for good,” comes into play. The MAGFAST charger family of products are a revolutionary triple threat of wireless, fast, and magnetic, and they have the potential to deliver exactly what the world is looking for.

MAGFAST is an ecologically friendly company revolutionizing wireless charging. The mission of the MAGFAST is to offer a quick, efficient, and universal wireless charger with direct magnetic connections. Since their successful crowdfunding campaign, the company made a promise to plant a tree for every product that they sell.

Internet marketing authority and founder of MAGFAST Seymour Segnit studied engineering at Oxford University before working with another USB charger company from 2013 to 2016. His development of the MAGFAST charger family of products came about while he was searching for the perfect chargers for himself and his family.