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Susan McGalla on Balancing Work and Family.

Any mother who has juggled working and raising children, needs to read this article. It will definitely help you get organized and reduce your stress level. The author, Susan McGalla is a working mother of 2 children. Susan has successfully worked in corporate retail and management for 15 years. Her parents instilled in her, to work hard every day and to have confidence. Susan has shared the fruits of her personal experience, juggling her career and a family. In perfecting this juggling act, Susan has written this great article.

The article basically breaks down her eleven tips and Susan shows us how to implement them into our daily lives.

The first tip says, making downtime a priority. This is to be done, weekly and needs to be scheduled. The “downtime” means periods where you do activities that are relaxing.

The second tip says, say goodbye to draining activities. This would be any activity that in doing it, is not productive. That may be idle gossiping or playing games on the computer. You have to stay productive with your time.

The third tip says, seek occasional serenity and tranquility. As a busy mother, this means doing something for yourself. Something that is relaxing for you. Taking a hot bubble bath or being in a peaceful environment. For related post  See

The fourth tip says, prioritize physical activity. This means to schedule time to exercise. Even if you are feeling tired, this activity will help you feel better. Exercise builds stamina and energy.

The fifth tip says, take review of your little tasks. Sit down and list all the little tasks that you do. Going to the post office weekly may be done once a month. Basically, be conscious of your time and eliminate unnecessary activities.

The sixth tip says, abandon ideas of perfectionism. Realizing on a daily basis that you are not perfect. Many moms stress over not doing everything perfectly. No one is perfect, just do your best..

The seventh tip says, temporarily forsake technology. Every day, we answer emails, text through technology (cell phone, computer). We are to take time out daily and forsake these activities.

The eighth tip says, meditate regularly. This means on a daily basis, take time out to meditate. This means focus on relaxing thoughts and not worrying.

The ninth tip says, assess your lifestyle. List what you do every day. Are these activities necessary every day? Are they productive? Assessing what you do, helps you stay productive.  Additional tips on

The tenth tip says, forget guilt. Motherhood and guilt go together. Susan says for you to forget guilty feelings and let them go. Letting go will definitely reduce your stress.

The last tip says, steer clear of chaotic mornings. Try to do some activities, the night before (ironing, pack lunches). A peaceful morning is the way to start your day.   Also see

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