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Heath Ritenour: All You Need to Know About Landlord Insurance

After acquiring a home, you should apply for home insurance. There are instances whereby you may decide to rent out your home. In this case, you need to understand that home insurance won’t apply anymore since the property has been rented out. As a landlord, you’ll need to apply for landlord insurance.

If you haven’t heard of landlord insurance yet, Heath Ritenour is ready to enlighten us about this insurance policy. For starters, you need to know that this insurance policy will safeguard you from financial losses and different liabilities.

As the IOA (Insurance of America) CEO, Heath Ritenour can guide you on the best insurance policy you should get if you’re a landlord.

About Landlord Insurance

Heath Ritenour insists that prospective and current landlords should know the difference between landlord insurance and home insurance. Home insurance comes in handy if you reside in a property that you own. After you rent out the property, the home insurance won’t safeguard your interests. You’ll need a landlord insurance policy even if you rent out the property for a few days.

What the Landlord Insurance Policy Covers

The landlord insurance policy will vary in the coverage being offered. Some of the coverage types in most policies include:

  • Liability- costs that relate to liability claims will be covered, including medical costs, settlement expenses, and lawsuits.
  • Loss of income- the lost rental income will be covered when a tenant decides to move out because of losses.

Additional Coverage

Most landlord insurance providers will offer additional coverage. You’ll notice that most insurance providers won’t offer flood insurance, whereas others will offer this type of coverage. As a landlord, you can opt for additional coverage for items such as furniture in your rental property.

Heath Ritenour advises landlords to be aware of some exclusions. For instance, if an appliance breaks down, the landlord should cater to the repair expenses. The insurance company won’t be liable in such an instance.

Heath Ritenour, CEO of IOA, Discusses Business Development

Heath Ritenour, a successful business leader and founder of Professional Tales, has come together with his team to provide the public with their knowledge on how to become more successful in life. Heath Ritenour is an excellent writer who can make complicated things easy to understand. In this article, he will be discussing leadership and what it takes for someone to be a good leader in today’s society.

Leadership is a topic that can be easily misunderstood. There are many types of leadership and there is no one leader that fits all situations or people. People have a tendency to believe that there are certain traits required in order to be an effective leader, but this is not always true. Being a leader requires the ability to adapt your leadership style to the situation at hand. A great leader is able to innately understand what his followers need and act accordingly.

Being a good leader also requires knowing when people are no longer responding or do not seem interested in what you are doing, that’s where having an open mind becomes essential. “A bad worker blames their tools.” No matter who you are, where you work, or what you do, if you are a bad worker it is probably because of your tools. The same applies to leadership. Leadership skills need to be constantly maintained and refreshed in order to remain effective. In this article, Heath Ritenour will break down the different types of leadership that exist and what defines them all.

Heath Ritenour was brought up in a small town with only one movie theater. He made it his mission to do everything he could to entertain himself using what little resources he had available. When the fight scenes were accompanied by cheesy sound effects, Heath became aware of how an individual’s voice is used for different effects.

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Tech Times – Ritenour brothers team up to bring live streaming technology to the world of sports

John Ritenour is a man with an ambitious goal: to live stream every sporting event in the world. A big part of this initiative is working with his brother, Heath Ritenour, and IOA Sports Partners to make it happen. The brothers recently discussed their ambitions at the Money2021 conference in Las Vegas and were interviewed by Bloomberg TV about what they hoped to accomplish in the year.

“IOA is first and foremost trying to create technology that brings the fan closer to their favorite sports, teams, players or events,” –John Ritenour IOA’s goal is to stream on platforms including Facebook Live,, Twitter Inc.’s Periscope as well as YouTube.

According to John Ritenour, the company has already partnered with more than 100 entities and is seeing “significant demand” from dozens of others. John Ritenour stated that they would be working on expanding IOA’s capabilities in 2019 to handle a much larger number of streams while still maintaining quality.

The company intends to scale its platform and create an integrated suite of products that will help manage the live streaming process. “We want IOA Sports Partners to become synonymous with live sports: When you hear about a game or event, we hope fans immediately think of us,” -John Ritenour.

Heath Ritenour, the company’s COO, and John Ritenour’s brother, agrees with his older sibling. “We think we can push the envelope on what sports streaming looks like,” -Heath Ritenour.

IOA Sports Partners is striving for 2020 to be a big year in terms of live streaming as it looks to accomplish its goal. “We want 2020 to be the year that sports fans around the world say, ‘the future is here,’ and we’re going to have a hand in making this happen,” -John Ritenour.

Teamwork between Heath Ritenour and John Ritenour is key to the company’s success. The brothers have previously worked together on other ventures, including a streaming startup called Brat, which was sold in 2015 for an undisclosed amount to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

IOA Sports Partners’ sister company, Ritenour Media LLC, is also run by Heath Ritenour and John Ritenour. The company has produced a variety of sports content, including videos for the UFC and WWE, an annual NFL draft show, and MLB’s All-Star Week festivities in Cincinnati.


Heath Ritenour, the big guy behind the prosperity of Insurance Office of America, is in charge of many services involving insurance brokerage. This type of insurance has some restrictions on personal agents during their activities. Agents with the desire to train the teams their children are part of are advised to participate even if it means that they won’t be in the office frequently. The company is situated in Florida along the town area of Orlando. The company offers great services in the field of insurance brokerage and has kept on evolving for all these years since its creation.

When it comes to making analyses of companies in the United States, the Insurance Office of America tops the list as companies to tremendously grow in independence based on insurance brokerages. John Ritenour, who founded the Insurance Office of America, is already on retirement, and his son, Heath Ritenour, now takes charge of the company’s management. Heath has embraced his father’s mission of ensuring insurance is introduced in the 21st century. Heath has excellent expertise in terms of business and individual roles, including management of risks. He also seeks consultations from personal policyholders or offers to large companies difficult coverage to enhance his leadership.

Heath Ritenour began working at his father’s house as an intern and slowly got to the top through his hard work and dedication. He carried out studies on insurance until he had in-depth knowledge and expertise concerning it. To come up with his own Book Of business, it took him 12 years to compensat5e him for 100 cold calls every day. Heath’s priority was always on creating good relationships and not just making high sales. His encounters so far have made him quite knowledgeable in his industry.

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Florida Insurance Veteran Heath Ritenour

While in elementary school, Heath’s parents, John Ritenour and Valli Ritenour started an insurance agency called Insurance Office of America. After finishing his higher education, Heath Ritenour joined the company as an agent and later took over the CEO position in 2008 and Chairman in 2018. Since he had indispensable knowledge of the industry prior to taking over its leadership, Heath has taken the company to higher growth levels: It is now the US’s eleventh largest privately-owned insurance company. IOA Company has a charitable arm led by Heath that gives back to the Central Florida community by sponsoring sporting events, contributing to funding drives, and doing various charity activities.

Being a cancer survivor, Ritenour understands the pain of those suffering from this chronic disease, making it a personal responsibility to offer his support in any way he can. Even with the company’s outstanding achievement, this doesn’t mean that IOA has had no challenges. Just like any other company, IOA was affected by the covid-19 pandemic, affecting its revenue income. At such hard times, premiums rates have to change, and has thus taken his time to educate both consumers and producers on instances premiums have to rise or go down.

One of the factors that, according to Heath Ritenour, determine premium rates is reserves earnings. Since a company can only invest its reserves in bonds because the investment is liquid and less volatile than stock market investments, returns on investment are relatively low. This forces companies to ask for higher premiums to compensate for the lost earnings. A natural disaster is also another factor that makes companies raise premiums since it affects many clients. The increased cost of repairs attracts higher premiums. According to Heath Ritenour, though the auto insurance business finds it hard to make money, the increased cost of repairs has led to companies asking for more premiums from customers.

Symmetry Financial Group – Providing Careers and Protecting Families


Symmetry Financial Group provides life insurance products that offer financial support and peace of mind to loved ones or families after one pass away; they also deliver rewarding careers to all the agents that contract with them. Brandon Ellison, Brian Pope, and Casey Watkins founded the group in 2009, which is based in Swannanoa, NC.

Symmetry allows its agents to build their agency, and provides them will all the training, tools, and systems to be successful. The group focuses mostly on new homeowners or people that have had their homes refinanced. Current agents also provide mentoring to new and upcoming team members who are interested in the business, allowing constant company growth. Refer to This Article for additional information.

Many factors make Symmetry Financial Group unique and working with them desirable. They give their agents the freedom to market multiple products they are confident in, instead of being tied down to one product line like others.

The organization maintains significant core values as well that you don’t find everywhere. They put relationships with people above business and making money. They believe real success exists with an overall team’s achievement, not just individuals, by delivering tools to improve their agents and make new connections. Click Here to learn more.

Symmetry Financial Group believes in giving back to those less fortunate. One prime example of this is supporting communities by cleaning up disaster areas and other local projects. The company works with Habitat for Humanity in cities all over the country, by providing people assistance in building their homes. The group also partners with Make-A-Wish Foundation providing support to children in need.

Symmetry Financial Group offers multiple types of insurance as well, not just one conventional form. They also supply term life, universal life, disability, final expense, and critical illness insurance. With all they have to offer to their agents, customers, and communities, it’s easy to see how this group has been successful and will be sustainable for years to come.

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Troy McQuagge Sets Excellent Example For CEOs Everywhere

The One Planet Awards recently named Troy McQuagge as the recipient of their CEO of the Year award. Troy McQuagge is the Chief Executive Officer of USHEALTH Group and he is constantly working to improve himself and the company. One Planet Awards is an organization that considers applicants from all over the world and they seek to credit employees and businesses for their hard work. Troy McQuagge has played a vital role in revolutionizing the business aspects of USHEALTH and working it into a more efficient and progressive system model. He has been with the company for seven years now and during that time he has propelled USHEALTH to the top of the health insurance industry. Troy McQuagge is proud to receive the honor of becoming the CEO of the Year. It verifies that he is on the right path and his leadership skills are top of the line. USHEALTH Group, located in Ft. Worth, Texas, aims to provide small business owners and people who are self-employed with affordable insurance. They utilize the most advanced and progressive business techniques in order to provide unique services that benefit their clients.


Troy McQuagge is the President of USHEALTH Advisors as well as the CEO. He also works closely with affiliates of the company including the Freedom Life Insurance Company of American. Before he made his big break in the insurance industry, he attended the University of Central Florida. He graduated in the 1980s with a Bachelor of the Arts degree in Legal Studies. He then went on to work with the Allstate Insurance Company. This was his first introduction to the industry and he was able to put his skills to the test. In order to learn more, he decided to become a member of the Student Insurance Division of United Insurance Companies Inc. He learned a lot during his time there and able to get some hands on experience.


This led to him becoming the President of the organization and thanks to his guidance, they set many records in the sales departments. Troy McQuagge then was worked on the marketing of HealthMarkets and became their President. He continued to strive for success during his time there and he was able to increase their sales significantly. Troy McQuagge has now been in the health insurance industry for over 30 years and he has more knowledge than most people in their entire lifetime.