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Using Securus Technologies to Clean Up Prison Systems

Inmates in our jail are usually very respectful, that is until you add some drugs into the mix. What alarms me as a corrections officer is when these inmates will tell you that they can get their hands on drugs inside the jail easier than when they were out on the street. That makes me want to work even harder to keep drugs out of our jail, but that can be a very challenging task.


The inmates have nothing but time on their hands, so they are able to see things and spot opportunities to exploit any weakness in the system. Perhaps the weakest part of our facility is in the visitor center, because inmates and visitors are in such close quarters with one another. Even with our beefed up police presence, inmates have discovered some very creative ways to get the items they want, even after we warn visitors they could be facing jail time themselves if caught trying to give the inmates anything.


Our team is very grateful for Securus Technologies and the inmate call monitoring system they installed in our facility. Richard Smith is the CEO of the company, and he says his Dallas-based company is dedicated to making the planet a little safe for us all. We see how that plays out in real-time inside our jail each day.


The LBS software does the work of several of my fellow officers, and can pick up chatter on drugs easily. The calls we are alerted to often involve inmates talking about how to get the drugs by security, how to transfer the drugs to the inmates, and how the inmates hide the drugs from the officers. Now when we hear these calls, we are able to spring into action and make the that the other inmates see that we are starting to gain ground on this growing problem.


Class Dojo | Innovative App that Boosts Ground-Up Change in Schools

Class Dojo is a mobile based communication platform that helps both students, teachers, and parents to connect. Through the app, teachers can create a positive culture within the classroom and school at large by encouraging certain student behaviors. The app which was launched in August 2011 picked up fast. After one year, it had been embraced in over sixty countries with over 3.5 million teachers and students using it.


Class Dojo Approach


Through frequent communication of teachers and parents to the students, they positively influence the student behavior. A classroom culture is created through encouraging the students’ positive behaviors instead of reprimanding the negative.


The app has a system, Dojo Point, which connects a messaging platform between teachers and parents. The systems strengthen lines of communication between educators and parents. The app is accessible via smartphones, tablets, computers and even more interactive platforms such as projectors and whiteboards.


Class Dojo for Students


Since class dojo enables sharing of photos, students can easily share the activities they involve in daily with their parents. By working together, the ground up change effectively takes places. Students are transformed for the best since they can share their sentiments freely with their teachers and parents via class dojo app.  Source:


Facts about Class Dojo


Since its inception, the app is used in over 90 per cent of the K-8 schools in the US; that means that 2 in 3 school uses the class dojo. Additionally, it is used in over 180 countries globally. The app has played a huge role in helping kids aged 5-14 to learn about growth mindset and empathy.  Visit


20 percent of class dojo team has a background in teaching, and it is interpreted in over 35 languages. It has also won several awards including most innovative app, 30 under 30, best education start-up, and next wave leaders under 35.

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