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NumbersUSA focuses on reducing immigration and increasing American jobs. We also provide information on how we can reduce overall legal immigration, including through changes in policy at all levels of government.

This commission’s report acknowledged that low rates of immigration were not only bad for the economy but also had negative effects on the environment. Their findings showed that cutting back on immigration could help keep the United States competitive in terms of environmental impact. However, while still conservative, their recommendation was to lower annual admissions of immigrants to about 350,000.

NumbersUSA’s mission is “to promote the principles of immigration law enforcement, economic growth, and civic participation, through education and advocacy. We stand firmly opposed to all forms of racism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, and other irrational fears of the ‘foreigner.'” The organization works to reduce legal immigration by advocating policies that will discourage immigration. NumbersUSA does not advocate for reducing overall immigration but instead prefers a limit to low-skilled immigration. The group does not oppose high-skill immigrants.

Founded in 1997, it was an offshoot of the original “Immigration Watch Program” created by the Center for Immigration Studies in Los Angeles, California. The founding members of NumbersUSA were Paul Helm, Daniel Webster, Ann Cori, and Michael Walzer.

Numbers is an organization dedicated to stopping illegal immigration across America. They are opposed to allowing migrants into America unless they meet certain requirements, including education standards and English language proficiency. They claim that immigrants will drive down wages for American workers. The organization also claims that immigrants consume social services like healthcare, welfare, and schools.

Roy Beck is an American conservative political activist, writer, blogger, researcher, and statistician based in Kansas City, Missouri, United States. He founded NumbersUSA in 1993.

Roy Beck worked for multiple newspapers in five states before becoming an activist. He focused his efforts on immigration and wrote articles about how immigrants negatively impact the nation. He founded NumbersUSA in 1997 with two goals: (1) to reduce immigration levels to the United States and (2) to educate policymakers, thought leaders, and the general public about the importance of restricting immigration. See this page for additional information.


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