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Chinese Restaurant Named I Don’t Know

Many Asian restaurants around the United States are known for their interesting and sometimes very funny names, however one restaurant in the Rochester, New York area is taking it to a new level. The owner Jessie Dong who is an Asian American named her new restaurant “I Don’t Know Chinese Food”. While some might find this odd, I think it is pretty humorous.

According to an article found on reddit and written by Eater, the reason Dong named her restaurant “I Don’t Know” is because her children often say the phrase in reference to anything. For example she will ask them what they want for dinner and that is the response she gets, and when it came time to get opinions on what to name the restaurant it was the same three words uttered to her: I don’t know. Therefore, she took that and ran with it and now the locals of the Rochester area can eat at “I Don’t Know” whenever they visit Madison Street Capital. It could be a clever way to make someone pick where they want to eat, because if you have dinner plans and ask your guest or family where they want to go and they respond with those three words, they will have made their choice and maybe not even realize it! Despite the interesting use of the phrase, I think it is catchy and memorable which is why they will do well in their sales.