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Dr. Bharat Lall Uses Meditation To Find Peace Of Mind And Greater Success

When Dr. Barry Lall became an entrepreneur, he didn’t understand the toll it would take on his health and well-being. Instead of allowing stress to bring him down, he turned to meditation. Now he uses meditation to gain inner peace and boost his career success.

In an article entitled: “CEO Spotlight: From Hospitals to Hotels – How Pinnacle Hotels CEO Dr Barry Lall Went From Doctor to Hotelier”, Dr Lall shared that he first felt a spark of interest in the freedom and excitement that accompanies entrepreneurship. Lall’s people skills and diagnostic abilities that he developed during his time as a physician translated well to his new pursuit of hotel entrepreneurship, and he set to work replacing the windows, painting the walls, re-landscaping the grounds and adding new carpet and furnishings to the formerly dilapidated motel.

The Stress of Business

Similar to many entrepreneurs, Dr. Bharat Lall has plenty of experience with the downsides of his entrepreneurial career. For instance, he’s had trouble with sleep, overthinking and replaying conversations in his head, and feeling stressed on a regular basis. Besides this, his chronic migraines caused him to be in low spirits and made him irritable, among other things. These problems negatively affected him on a consistent basis. This is what led him to try meditation. Presently, he encourages others to meditate regularly.

Benefits of Meditation

Rather than allow his health and well-being to spiral out of control, he decided he needed to make an important change to his lifestyle. In fact, Dr Lall started doing meditation and experienced the benefits. For one thing, meditation significantly improved his ability to work. For instance, it boosted his productivity levels and helped him focus and live in the moment. This meant he no longer had to feel frustrated by chaotic thoughts and feelings. Other benefits of meditation include stress reduction, enhancing your attention span, improving sleep quality, and more.

About Dr. Bharat Lall

Dr. Bharat Lall aka Dr. Barry Lall is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Pinnacle Hotels USA. Before becoming a successful business owner, he was a physician. This led him to want to pursue a different path, that of being an entrepreneur.

Additionally, his desire to share his success with others has led him to be more charitable. For example, he’s made some financial contributions to a variety of charitable organizations. Read this article for more information.


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